Batman From Justice League Gets Modded Into GTA 5
Justice League Batman

Warner Bros’ Justice League hasn’t been out for very long but it’s already getting mods mirrored after the characters in the film due to its popularity. In fact, Ben Affleck’s turn as the Dark Knight in the super hero team-up film has already found its way into the modding scene and is now available for download for the PC version of GTA V.

If you wanted to download the Batman mod from Justice League for GTA V, you can do so by grabbing the 2.3MB file from over on download page.

Modder Barak101 managed to rip the model from Injustice 2, featuring the gear and costume that Batman wore from the Justice League film. The model is fully rigged from head to toe, features facial animations for those of you out there who want to make some Batman-themed machinima in GTA V, and it sports HQ LOD and visible damage.

And speaking of machinima… YouTuber monkeyjug has a video featuring the Batman mod being used in GTA V via a short two minute machinima. You can check out the video below.

The mod can be used as a pedestrian add-on, just like Barak101’s other Justice League-based mods, such as his rip of Superman in his black suit.

I suppose in some ways you could consider it a spoiler, but Superman being in the Justice League film has been talked about for ages.

The Superman mod for GTA V is a little heftier than the Batman mod due to the fact that Superman comes with special effect mapping and 4K textures, hence the mod clocks in at 21.6MB. You can also download the Superman mod from over on

The movie itself hasn’t been receiving very positive review scores, but expect fanboys to defend it to their dying breath. Then again, a lot of movie reviewers are SJWs, so it’s tough to tell who to trust these days.

GTA 5 Superman Justice League Mod


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