Battlerite Roster Update Adds Projectile Specialist Destiny, The Sky Ranger
Battlerite Champion

After surpassing more than 1.4 million active unique users after Battlerite went free-to-play near the early half of November, Stunlock Studios decided to capitalize on the momentum and the eyeballs currently on their product by unleashing a brand new hero to the roster named Destiny.

The sci-fi chick is a Sky Ranger who seems to be a mix between Reinhardt from Overwatch and Samus from Metroid. She can create phase shields and energy barriers to protect herself from incoming attacks, but she can also fire off energy beams at mid-range against nearby opponents. What’s more is that she can curl up into a ball and ricochet around the arena, dealing damage to opponents. A brief preview video was posted up to celebrate the availability of Destiny in Battlerite.

Gameplay wise it looks like Destiny could be fun to play if you don’t mind zoning your opponents, keeping a watchful eye on incoming attacks, and being able to crowd-control using the bouncing ball attack.

Battlerite originally entered into the free-to-play arena on Steam back on November 8th. The game quickly racked up a large following after a successful beta run, and the cast of characters managed to lure in a decent (and growing) audience of gamers.

The MOBA title is like any other MOBA out there but with the main difference being that it relies more on non-targeting combat skills. This means you have to manually aim your attacks, dodge incoming attacks, and position yourself manually on the battlefield to avoid taking massive amounts of damage.

In addition to this, there’s a heavy reliance on customization and personalization of the heroes in the game, allowing players to deck out their characters with weapons, outfits and victory stances.

For the most part it appears the developers have been managing Battlerite… right.

I haven’t seen any complaints about SJWism ruining the immersion, and almost everyone universally praises the game for the skill-based combat and fair cash shop system.

You can learn more about Battlerite or grab the client by visiting the Steam store page.


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