The Best Sports-Related Video Games of 2017

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Much to the dismay of video game haters, not every game involves violence. In fact, some of the most popular video games are associated around the world of sport, encouraging our generation to get active and do a little more with their lives. You can learn a lot from sports-related video games, from the rules of baseball to the best football tips. Whether you play sports-related video games simply for the joy, or you enjoy channeling your inner Michael Jordan, we have seen some epic releases in 2017.


With a credible rating of 8.6/10 on IGN, FIFA 18 has done very well for itself this year. It’s safe to say that a lot of admiration for this game comes from the realism of it all, from the enhanced Journey mode, injuries and drill exercises that actually has an impact on your gameplay. When playing FIFA 18, gamers have a close experience with what being a professional athlete is like. Compared to previous games in the series, FIFA 18 has made incredible adjustments to the field, with minor tweaks making a major difference to gameplay. For example, precision foot work allows for more control when in possession of the ball, pushing the chance on victory in the game. With FIFA 18, there is no end to the opportunities provided.

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

Mario has been around in our favourite video games for decades, and has grown up with us and the video game industry. Because of this, Mario is suitable for all age ranges, with Mario Kart 8 Deluxe being a classic example of this. This sports-related game is a quirky, fun twist on car racing, with unique driving tracks and seriously entertaining gameplay. Predominately, this Mario game might appeal heavily to a younger audience, but with ‘Battle Mode’ being restored, an older audience is able to enjoy the game just as much as anyone else. For those with extensive gaming experience, you can now enjoy a third level of drift boost, allowing you to beat your personal best and build the level of competition online.

PES 2018

Everyone rants and raves about every FIFA game in the series, but especially in recent years, we haven’t seen a dramatic improvement in any of their installments. PES 2018 is a completely different matter though, remaining the king of the pitch in our eyes. In other mainstream football video games, the individual qualities and entities of each player can get easily lost, but PES 2018 ensures that this doesn’t happen. Take Romelu Lukaki, for example – he’s legendary. He can hold up play as well as power past the line of defence, just as you’d expect in a proper football match. When it comes to actual gameplay on the pitch, PES never fails to impress us, with rich and varied mechanics that make gameplay that extra bit special. Every match tends to have its own narrative, making the entire experience personal and meaningful.

MLB’17 The Show

Baseball isn’t the most popular sport amongst our gaming generation, but MLB’17 proves that this should be changed. Dedicated fans love the little features within the game, and the 2017 edition of MLB hasn’t compromised this for quality. For example, simple features such as player-specific cat calls from the crowd, or the stance that your baseball players takes, are all present within this game. Plus, those not-so-familiar with the game can enjoy numerous modern game modes, choosing whether they want to play for an entire season or one single game. With so much appealing to old and new audiences, it’s hardly surprising that MLB’17 The Show has done well for itself this year.


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