Black Mirror PS4, Xbox One Gameplay Walkthrough
Black Mirror Gameplay Walkthrough

King Art Games, Grimoire Games, and THQ Nordic’s remake of Black Mirror for Xbox One and PS4 has been made available right now for home console owners. For gamers who picked up a copy and need a bit of help, there’s a Black Mirror gameplay walkthrough available for the game.

The game clocks in at just a little under four hours long. YouTuber ApexHound has a starting walkthrough guide available for Black Mirror, which you can check out below.

The game starts with a brief cinematic and then you’ll play as an old man running in the moors during the dark of night as voices and screams echo throughout the blackened sky.

Follow the pathway through the cave and then move out of the cave toward the specter. Press the ‘X’ button on the DualShock (or ‘A’ on the Xbox controller) to activate the specter.

You’ll have to move to an altar and then press ‘X’ to examine it. Watch the cinematic as the father commits suicide and asks for his son to be safe.

After John Gordon dies, it moves forward to 1921 and you’re put in control of David Gordon.

You’ll learn how to examine items from within your inventory by rotating them with the left analog and getting some feedback by pressing ‘X’ on the Dualshock or ‘A’ on the Xbox controller.

Once David makes his way into the house he talks to the old lady about the house and you can talk to the lawyer about the object that falls out of David’s jacket. You can lie or tell the truth about the object.

Use the analog to venture upstairs and examine Edward Gordon’s picture and the items on the desk.

Once you follow the butler into your room, you can find some matches in the room, which you can use to light your way through the dark mansion.

Examine the box with the candlelight inside. Use the matches to light the candlestick so you can begin examining the mansion.

Check the cabinet to the far right side of the room to get pieces of a photo.

When you exit the room you’ll find more pieces of the old drawing on the desk by the sitting area near the window just outside the room.

Your first main objective will be to explore the mansion. You can view your current quest objectives by pressing Start and using the left and right bumpers to move over to the Quest tab.

You can lean over the bannister and talk to the lawyer, as well as examine Lady Gordon’s private desk.

Head downstairs, go into the room beyond the foyer and inside the living room area there’s a fireplace. Examine it and take the items inside.

Proceed back through the foyer, head right through the hall into the sitting room where grandma Gordon is sitting… sleeping. You can listen to her while she sleeps and she mentions that it’s all lies.

Head back into the hall and proceed north into the dining room. In the corner of the room you’ll find more pieces of the photograph.

Head left off the foyer to enter the kitchen area to meet Rory, the gardener.

The blind gardener has always worked for the Gordons. You can ask him about what he knows about your dad. Once he gets done not really talking, you can take a wire from the drawer and the meat cleaver from the chopping table.

The final room you can explore during your nascent visit of the house is the study, which is located at the back of the foyer. Inside the study you can talk to the lawyer until he leaves.

When the lawyer gone, you can either use the knife or the wire on Lady Gordon’s desk to get into the locked drawer.

Open the drawers and read the correspondence from the Dr., as well as grab the note in order to discover what the combination is to get into the locked part of the desk. The combination is: 3618


Once the desk lock combination is put in, and then move around to the side of the desk. There’s a puzzle combination you’ll have to solve. You’ll need to press the white and black buttons according to the number of nodes on the side of the snake.

The white and black snake puzzle combination is:
Black, white, black, white, black, white, white, white, black, black, white, white, black, black, white, black.

On the other side, press the snake’s head in and it will unlock the snake vault inside the desk. Open it, take the letter and the key.

Exit the room after being startled by the little boy, and make your to the double-doors upstairs. Use the master key to open the doors and enter the room. You’ll need to position the key a certain way, as indicated in the video below from SHN Survival Horror Network at the 40 minute mark.

Inside the room, you can examine the plate on the wall but it’s screwed down tight.

Sit down at the desk and examine the letters.

Continue to examine the empty drawer until you find a half piece of a letter with a circle on the back of it.

After reading through the letters and further examining the desk, go over to the plate on the shelf again and you’ll find a puzzle. The symbols for the puzzle are on the side of the shelf. It requires the right combination on the tumbler.

You’ll need to align the symbols in the following order:

Black Mirror - Shelf Puzzle

A model castle will appear and you’ll need to examine it to trigger a cinematic.

Black Mirror - The Maid

After the cinematic you can talk to Elsa the maid about seeing the little boy and David’s grandfather… he just won’t let it go.

You’ll need to complete a short mini-game to get David’s head back in the game, as well as have David talk to himself in the mirror.

You can head down to the dining room and eat the deer brains and eggs.

You can then talk to the butler about a few of the topics, including the earring, the maid, his time in South Africa, and the house staff.

Black Mirror - Lady Margaret Gordon

Talk to Lady Gordon about Edward, the house, and John.

Proceed back into the room with the picture of the Gordon family picture above the fireplace. Take the photo out of the frame and examine the back of the photo.

Make your way back into the room off the foyer where the lawyer was working. A brief audio clip will play when you examine his desk.

Head back into the kitchen and talk to the maid.

Talk to her about the earring and she will thank you. When you’re ready to accompany her into the cellar, go to the cellar door and the two will descend into darkness.

You can examine a number of items in the cellar, including a dead deer.

If you take the bottle of alcohol and use it on the spiderweb until Eddie throws a severed deer head down the chute.

Once you get done talking to Eddie, head back upstairs and the maid, Elsa, will note that she will talk more about what she knows after supper.


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