Carl Sargeant Labour MP Commits Suicide After Sexual Misconduct Allegations Surface
Carl Sargeant Commits Suicide

Carl Sargeant, the Welsh Labour cabinet secretary for communities and children, was ousted from his position on November 3rd, 2017. The reason? Sexual misconduct allegations were raised against Sargeant.

The BBC is reporting that after losing his job Sargeant reportedly committed suicide after the Welsh Assembly opted to remove him from the party because they supposedly had no choice after the allegations surfaced.

Originally, Sargeant denied the claims, writing in a personal state on Twitter that the he would fight the charges.

If you’re unable to read the statement, Sargeant wrote…

“I met with the First Minister today and he informed me allegations had been made about my personal conduct, which was shocking and distressing to me.


“The details of the allegations have yet to be disclosed to me.


“I have written to the General Secretary of Welsh Labour requesting an urgent independent investigation into these allegations in order to allow me to clear my name.


“Given the nature of the allegations, I agreed with the First Minister that it was right that I stand aside from cabinet today. I look forward to returning to Government once my name has been cleared.”

Sargeant’s name was never cleared, and between penning the personal status and the weekend, Sargeant’s body was discovered.

According to CNN, Sargeant wasn’t alone in having sexual misconduct allegations levied at him. Seven other Conservative lawmakers and three Labour politicians were all accused of inappropriate conduct around female staff.

Interestingly enough, Sargeant was supposedly an avid campaigner against domestic abuse against women, and helped support women’s shelters. He was also an avid supporter of gay rights after attending a pride parade, according to his Twitter account. He had the markings of a typical male feminist.

This is the first time, however, that instead of conceding to the claims and taking the brunt of public humiliation in the process, someone committed suicide after denying the allegations.

This comes on the heels of a plethora of other prominent figures, actors, producers, and even journalists who were outed for sexual misconduct following the Harvey Weinstein scandal.

Whether or not there was any merit to the allegations against Sargeant remain to be seen. So far no evidence of sexual misconduct has been presented. Additionally, the reports don’t say if the independent investigation will continue now that Sargeant is no longer among the living.


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