DC Comics Editor Eddie Berganza Suspended For Alleged Sexual Misconduct
Eddie Berzanga

The chips continue to fall, the dice keep spinning, and the dominoes are toppling over. One of the top figureheads at DC Comics, Eddie Berganza, has been suspended after multiple counts of alleged sexual misconduct bubbled to the surface like a severed head in a boiling swamp.

According to Entertainment Weekly, DC Comics have suspended the group editor and 25-year industry veteran following new reports of sexual misconduct allegedly carried out by Berganza.

In a statement issued on November 11th, 2017, the press release rolled out Berganza’s fate for the time being…

“DC Entertainment has immediately suspended Mr. Berganza and has removed him from performing his duties as Group Editor at DC Comics. There will be a prompt and yet careful review into next steps as it relates to the allegations against him, and the concerns our talent, employees and fans have shared. DC continues to be extremely committed to creating a safe and secure working environment for our employees and everyone involved in the creation of our comic books.”

The allegations state that Berganza tried to forcibly kiss two women around a decade ago. The women complained about the issues to human resources, but Berganza received a promotion to executive editor despite the complaints.

Back in 2012 he was reportedly demoted for another alleged incident of sexual misconduct, and he was brought into the spotlight once more in spring of 2016 when he allegedly tried to sexually assault a cohort while at a convention, as reported by Bleeding Cool.

Some are glad that Berganza is finally being reprimanded for his actions over the years, while others see this as a sequence of unsubstantiated claims ruining people’s careers.

Regardless of where you fall in the debate, the whole #MeToo movement that spawned from Harvey Weinstein’s outing as a sex pest has led to numerous top talent within the entertainment and tech industry being outed and called out for sexual misconduct. The momentum at which these reports are taking place continues to pick up, and many believe that it won’t just stop at comic books, video game journalists, and Hollywood talent. Many suspect that politicians will get put under a heavy spotlight next, which will undoubtedly put #PizzaGate back into the news cycle.


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