DC Comics Fires Eddie Berganza Over Alleged Sexual Misconduct
Eddie Berganza

There are no brakes on this train, folks. The sexual misconduct express is moving full speed ahead and a lot of heads are rolling in the process. The latest career to get decapitated on the railroad tracks of the allegation express is comic book editor Eddie Berganza, who was fired by DC Comics after years of complaints filed against Berganza for sexual harassment.

The Hollywood Reporter was sent a statement by DC Entertainment, where the company plainly expressed its stance on alleged misconduct happening in the workplace…

“Warner Bros and DC Entertainment have terminated the employment of DC Comics Group Editor Eddie Berganza,”


“We are committed to eradicating harassment and ensuring that all employees, as well as our freelance community, are aware of our policies, are comfortable reporting any concerns and feel supported by our Company.”

Allegations against Berganza have persisted for more than a decade, but they never resulted in any permanent disciplinary action until 2012, when Berganza was demoted from executive editor down to group editor. Given the rise of Social Justice Warriors in media, it has given a prime spotlight to issues like sexism and harassment, forcing a lot of companies to have to respond to these allegations whether they’re true or not. In many cases we don’t see much evidence regarding the claims, but many of these individuals have been losing their jobs in result of the news spreading around.

Berganza joins various others who have been culled from the entertainment industry recently over the rising finger-pointing of sexual misconduct levied at select individuals.

Warner Bros., recently meted out actions against CW executive producer Andrew Kreisberg who is the showrunner for popular programs like Arrow and Supergirl after allegations of sexual misconduct surfaced against the big shot executive. So far DC has had more of these issues coming out of their ranks than Marvel Entertainment, even though Marvel has gone full SJW.


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