Deadfall Adventures Gameplay Walkthrough
Deadfall Adventures Walkthrough

The Farm 51 and THQ Nordic’s Deadfall Adventures is one of those mid-budget games that came out and was promptly forgotten when it released on Xbox 360, PS3 and PC back in 2013… a time when there were only two genders, and men were men and women were allowed to be hot. Microsoft recently made Deadfall Adventures one of the free games for the Games With Gold program for Xbox Live Gold subscribers. For newcomers just getting into the game now that it’s a backwards compatible title for the Xbox One, there’s a Deadfall Adventures gameplay walkthrough available.

YouTuber Snoork Gaming already has a complete walkthrough available for the action title. The playlist spans 21 videos that covers the game from start to finish. You can view the full gameplay walkthrough for Deadfall Adventures below.

The game starts with a cheesy cinematic where an Arab thief steals a bag from a female agent. The Arab is subdued by the main protagonist who quips about the redheaded chick needing to do a better job in picking her driver.

After another cinematic where James Quatermain is given the basic rundown on his objective, he eventually ends up at an excavation site where some evil Arabs attempt to stop him and he has to kill them all using his pistols.

Once you shoot dead all of the Arab brotherhood, take the dynamite and place it inside the indicated mark on the statue to trigger another cinematic.

Proceed through the next room and there’s a makeshift elevator with a red lever. Push the lever to head into the next level.

Go toward the door and trigger a cinematic where a bunch of Nazis will try to kill Goodwin and Quatermain. In his infinite heroism, Quatermain pushes the Nazi down and leaves the girl with them, hoping to get free and avoid being raped in a Nazi concentration camp.

Once inside the temple, your first puzzle is to avoid the snake trap. It’s to your left. Pull up your notepad and it will give you a hint as to how to complete the puzzle. Walk along the glowing tablets to avoid getting killed by the spear traps. You can open the notepad by using the right button on the digital pad.

In the next segment, you’ll have to match up the icons on the scroll wheels to open the door. Both sides should be the eye of Horus to open the door.

In the next room, grab the twin pistols. Upgrade your skills. Proceed into the next area where there are various beams you can shoot. Use the notepad to look at the beams and shoot them with the pistol to break them. Break all the beams in the room to grab a treasure so you can upgrade Quatermain.

Use the pistols to shoot through the wooden wall to get to the next segment where you’ll have to kill some fake Nazis.

For the crushing block segment, shoot the golden tablets to briefly delay the blocks from smashing into the ground and then run past them. Rinse and repeat until you get to the scarab door.

For the light puzzle in the room with the statues, the object is to aim each of the mirrors behind the statues at the gems on the back of the statues until they light up. Once the statue lights up, rotate the center mirror and aim it at another mirror. Light up each of the six statues by rinsing and repeating the process of rotating the center mirror to aim the light at one of the other mirrors, and then once the light is on them, focus the mirror at the gem on the back of the statue.

For the last mirror, you’ll have to position it just perfectly until you begin to see the spark.

Another cinematic will play where the buxom Goodwin is forced to help the Germans.

The heroes work with the Nazis to complete the puzzles.

You’ll have to rotate the the constellation map until it looks a swirly circle, as depicted in the image below.

Once the cinematic ends and the good Nazi helps Quatermain and Goodwin escape, you’ll gain a flashlight that you can use to harm the zombie mummy by pressing and holding the left bumper. You won’t be able to hurt the zombie until the light burns them enough and they begin to glow. Once they start glowing then proceed to shoot and kill them.

After a short segment where you slide down the collapsing cavern, kill the zombies and the Nazis, and then head through the next rooms.

Take out the baddies until you reach the mummy with the shield. Keep aiming the light at the mummy until his shield burns away and then shoot to kill.

There’s a short floor puzzle you’ll need to solve. Look at your notepad and follow the glowing tablets on the ground to complete the segment.

In the next area you’ll have to open the door after Goodwin gets trapped. The left tablet must be Ra and the right must be Ankh.

Once you finish that little segment, Goodwin will make it through the door and meet back up with Quatermain.

In the next room once you grab the relic from the wheel some zombies will pop out. Use the flashlight and gun combo to take out the zombies and then put the scarabs in the puzzle wheel to open the door.

Cross the plank where the crocodiles are below, head into the next room and kill the Nazis.

You’ll reach a door that requires moving a statue out of the way. Head up into the room where there are switches on the floor. Step onto the pressure plates on the floor to activate the statue and move it from its position. There are several plates on the ground you’ll have to step on to keep the statue moving. Once it’s out of the way, follow Goodwin and move through the door and outside, where you’ll need to kill more Arabs.

Head past the excavation site and toward the car to the west of the site to exit the stage.

Another cinematic will play, leading into the next map located at a base in the Arctic.

The design of the base is quite reminist to Golden Eye and TimeSplitters 2.

There are grenade traps lined all along the base, so use the ‘A’ button to disable them, or shoot them and cause a ruckus.

After Quatermain rescues Dr. Hagen, some Nazis capture them. Then Goodwin rescues Dr. Hagen and Quatermain.

The trio will have to shoot their way out of the German base, going against Snow Nazis.

The stage is quite linear, and you’ll just have to blast through the enemies. Grab the rocket launcher and use it to blow up the rocket formations on the right to create a pathway to the other side.

Use the rocket launcher to blow up the rock formation to create a distraction and then grab the sniper rifle and take out the Snow Nazis.

For the puzzle inside the ice structure, the trick is to always walk toward the columns. This means walk toward the first column and turn to your right and walk directly toward the next column. Continue to do this until you reach the end.

For the column puzzle, you’ll need to rotate the columns around so that the symbols on the erected structures match with the correlated symbols on the ceiling. Once you finish that puzzle, head back outside and kill more Snow Nazis.

Go press ‘A’ on the snowmobile to trigger another cinematic.


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