Deadpool 2 Teaser Trailer Whacks Off Paint Brushes And Gets Wet
Deadpool 2

20th Century Fox decided to distract the masses the world around from all the sexual misconduct cases popping up from around the perverse backwoods of titillate-town and harassment-wood, by releasing a teaser trailer for Deadpool 2 filled to the brim with whack jobs, and wet jokes.

Ryan Reynolds actually manages to do a fine job of not going too over the top with his portrayal of Deadpool parodying Bob Ross. He’s an actor within an actor, and for a minute you could almost forget that Reynolds is even under the mask and that you’re literally just looking at a live-action version of Deadpool.

You can check out the teaser below.

The trailer actually has almost nothing to do with the actual film other than an extremely small snippet of action clips rolled into a montage that zips by quicker than Deadpool whacks off… his paintbrushes.

So what about the quick-clips that roll through the trailer near the end? Well, there isn’t much to say, except…

  • We see a chick jump into Deadpool’s arms.
  • We see Deadpool with duck tape on his right arm and a dude spitting.
  • We see one of the X-Men holding up a middle-finger.
  • We see Deadpool running down the streets. A guy jumps down onto a car in a dark alley.
  • Deadpool shoulder tackles a car and knocks someone out the passenger side.
  • A fat kid sets a town hall on fire.
  • An afro-chick kicks down a door.
  • A train drives buy.
  • A bunch of people cock their guns.
  • Deadpool raises up out of a casket with a gun in hand.
  • Deadpool throws a chainsaw into the air.
  • And we see two Hotpockets in a microwave.

Overall it’s a much different teaser than anything you may have been expecting.

Unfortunately, we don’t get to see any of Cable, but I imagine they’re waiting to get that footage up and out closer to release.


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