Deadpool Game Will Be Removed From Steam Starting November 16th
Deadpool Game

Activision’s Deadpool game is about to be removed from the Steam store starting November 16th. The news was made courtesy of a news post on the Steam page. The game was discounted by 70% off to accommodate the news that it’s being removed from Steam.

Activision apparently wants to rack up as many sales as possible before the game comes off of digital distribution storefronts. The likelihood is that the license for distributing Marvel’s (and Disney’s) property is coming to an end.

We’ve seen the same thing happen before when Activision was at one time publishing 007: James Bond games. Only there seemed to be a lot less dedication from Valve to give gamers a heads-up that the games were coming off of the Steam store.

This is part and parcel for the whole AAA publishing ring when it comes to dealing with licensed property.

The single-player, M-rated romp was one of the rare super hero games that combined overt gore and violence with crude humor and actual sexual content.

The game came out back in 2013, a year after SJWs began infesting the gaming industry and a year before #GamerGate took place. It was in that sweet spot before politically correct mandates started becoming the norm from the media, and millennial moral busybodies started policing content from top to bottom.

As you can tell from the main image above, this game was made back when hot chicks with big tits could be featured in AAA games, and men were allowed to lust after women. All of that is a huge no-no these days in Western game design, save for whatever we get from the Pole studios.

There’s no date on when this game will return or if Activision will attempt to renegotiate with Disney to sell Deadpool‘s game once more, but if you haven’t seen the 007 games back on digital distributors then don’t expect to see Deadpool’s title back anytime soon. Activision likely only brought it back before to capitalize on Ryan Reynolds’ movie.

You can pick up a copy from the Steam store page if you were interested.


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