Episicava, Uncensored Sci-Fi Visual Novel Arrives on Nutaku

A story-driven visual novel from Super Hippo Games and Epicworks called Episicava has officially launched on the Nutaku store for only $10. The visual novel is still chock full of adult-oriented content, but it’s also wrapped around a story about revenge, loyalty, friendship and duty.

The story centers around a handful of clans, many of whom have developed special abilities after the world was changed half a century before by a mysterious force known as the Alpha Nebula.

One of the factions, known as the Emulators, are a special and powerful race who is one day attacked by a group known as the Northmanni. Players take on the role of Arin Ariento, who is one of the last remaining survivors of the Emulators. He escaped into a neighboring town during the attack, and discovered that the Northmanni have kidnapped his longtime friend, Aria, and have been using her in their experiments.

Arin bides his time, getting stronger and attempting to recruit those who would help him exact his revenge against the Northmanni and recover his friend Aria from their grasp. You can check out the game’s launch trailer below to get an idea of what the art and music is like.

The game features more than 10 hours of gameplay, and sports a number of CG sequences containing special events, battle scenes, and H-scenes.

One thing of particular note is that the battle scenes have special HQ visual effects. Another thing worth noting is that Supper Hippo made it known that the visual novel has no censored scenes and no mosaics covering up the good bits. It’s all uncensored.

You can also customize the UI, and experience additional DLC side-stories.

If this seems like an interesting visual novel to you, you can learn more about Episicava by visiting the NSFW Nutaku store page.


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