Europa, Chinese Battle Royale Game Is What Newer Far Cry Games Should Be Like

Tencent Games recently revealed that in addition to adding a Battle Royale mode to Call of Duty: Online, which is currently available as a free-to-play title in China, they’re also bringing out a new Battle Royale-themed survival game in 2018.

According to Niko Partners analyst, Daniel Ahmad, the upcoming game is called Europa and will begin beta testing this December. It will also be running on a new engine called the QuickSilver X, which will allow for seamless and smooth gameplay for up to 100 players per instance. This includes real-time weather conditions, day and night cycle, and some light destructible environment elements.

There’s also a minute long video showcasing the engine in action. I dare say, it looks impressive.

The weather effects aren’t just there for show, but they also challenge your visibility, as well as alter the way other systems behave as well, such as increasing the choppiness of the water or making roads slick.

We also see that Europa has a very robust destruction system, enabling gamers to shoot through light concrete structures, wood, glass, and anything thin enough for bullet penetration to take place. You can see what the game looks like in action with the very illuminating minute long trailer below captured by YouTuber MMOJACKX57.

The mixture of first-person and third-person combat is nice, but even more than that it’s nice to see that environmental effects can affect gameplay.

Developer Aurora Games has set it up where gamers can shoot out the lights while inside buildings when it’s dark outside, in an attempt to gain an advantage over encroaching foes. It’s also possible to use the physics system to have objects fall on and crush other players, or you can use the weight and velocity of a powerboat to blast through a dock and kill someone who isn’t paying attention.

The sad part about it is that all of these systems have been in place since 2007!

Crytek originally implemented all of this stuff in Crysis a decade ago. It’s taken a decade for developers (or rather publishers) to finally start adding in these features to other games. Heck, this has everything that newer Far Cry games should have. It amazes me how far behind the curve supposed AAA games are in comparison to these titles coming out of Tencent’s publishing house.

It’s also amazing to me that of all companies Tencent is the one pushing for innovation in the gaming field, while EA and Activision have nestled in and become complacent attempting to pursue lottery-style loot boxes and microtransactions in horribly recycled ideas that are neither fun nor unique.

Anyway, if you want to learn more about Europa or attempt to get in on the beta, you can do so by visiting the Steam store page.


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