Evangelical German MP Wants Stronger Child Protections From Sexy, Violent Video Games

Senran Kagura Germany

Germany and Australia are already quite strict when it comes to rating video games. Plenty of sexy-time games just don’t make it through. Well, a German MP named Verena Hartmann who represents the AfD as an Evangelical Conservative, believes that the ratings aren’t strict enough.

Censored Gaming was sent a link to an article over on German Otaku website Anime 2 You, where they explained that Hartmann wants to increase restrictions on not just sexy video games, but basically violent and profane video games in general.

This spawned from a question that was sent in by a concerned mother who found her young lad playing Senran Kagura on his Nintendo 3DS. The large supple bosoms of the thick and shapely kunoichi vixens triggered his mother like an M249 SAW dumping its entire mag by going fully automatic.

The main issue was that the mother discovered that her 13-year-old son was playing a game that was rated by the USK as 12+. She expressed her frustrations about the game supposedly being for kids, even though it’s real sexy.

Over on the site Abgeordnetenwatch, the mother explained with livid determination…

“Schoolgirls with a big, wobbly bust tear their clothes off and on to the utmost! In a locker room you can dress these underage girls, e.g. in sexy lingerie, or they grope. They protest against that, but if they continue, they even start to like it. And all of the state from 12 released!


“May I be honest? I think it is repulsive and completely abysmal !!!

The mother explained that the whole thing was unfit for the eyes of a child. She even stumbled upon footage of the jiggly mammaries attached to the Senran Kagura cast, and was quite appalled that young men could be lured in with such lucious lasciviousness.

She went on to say that “ecchi” material like Senran Kagura could lead to pedophilia and rape, and she asked what Hartmann and the German Right was going to do about it…

“We all know the sad headlines about rape and pedophilia, which have been piling up since 2015, just enough. I also have a daughter (10) & can not help feeling scared.”


“How do you & your party stand for such [Ecchi] material: [Why] is it in the hands of children / young people or even in the trade?


“At least I find it [vomit-inducing] that you can make money in Germany with the sexualized representation of children !!!”


The exclamation marks made it quite clear where the mother stands on the issue.

The question is, how would the MP respond?

Well, German MP Verena Hartmann is an Evangelical Conservative and works toward the religious family values of the AfD, and she wholeheartedly agreed with the mother.

Hartmann suggested to the mother to take a look at more of her son’s video games, and to reevaluate if any of his games are “conducive” for his development. Hartmann also suggested that the mother focus on getting her son outside and physically active instead of playing video games. She also said that the mother should be rightfully angry” about the lack of child protection methods and measures in Germany, because they need to improve them, saying…

“You are rightfully angry about this [lack of] “youth protection”. As a result, there is a brutalization of our youth and thus society, [especially] in areas such as love and sex, or dealing with one another in ways where physical and verbal violence are glorified.


“As a concerned mother, I will join the committee for family bring in all the strength and fight against these abuses. I wish you the necessary strength, a harmonious Family life.”

This kind of rhetoric is identical to the Christian Right’s attack on media back in the 1980s and 1990s; the flagrant labeling of products like Dungeons & Dragons satanism, or calling rock and roll devil worship.

Even though the Christian Right lost a lot of power coming out of the 1990s, they’ve managed to regain a strong foothold for their censorious efforts thanks to the Regressive Left re-opening the door of censorship. The Left’s attack on sex, female sexuality, and male hobbies allowed groups like the GOPbacked Christian organization, the National Center on Sexual Exploitation, to gain extreme prominence in recent times.

The NCSE has basically done exactly what Hartmann wants to do; they’ve gone after Valve, Google, YouTube, and a bunch of other digital distribution outlets and platforms to have porn censored and sexually explicit material removed from purchase. Their most recent victory was getting Valve to crackdown on developers distributing uncensored patches on the Steam platform by threatening to bring Washington state lawmakers down around the ears of Valve.

If Hartmann gets her way, not only will games like Valkyrie Drive: Bhikkhuni and Criminal Girls 2 be banned from release in Germany, but even USK 12 games like Senran Kagura could get caught in the net as well.