Fallout 4 Mechromancer Mod Adds Buildable And Usable Mechs

Looking to build and ride your own mechs in Fallout 4? Modder Gou8137977 has a new mod for wastelanders to take advantage of that integrates mechromancer abilities in Bethesda’s Fallout 4.

Despite the very service by Bethesda that has caused quite the ruckus, better known as Creation Club, many folks around and about still enjoy Fallout 4. The amount of people that still go out of their way to download mods for the game across PC, PS4 and Xbox One are still quite active.

Well, one of the latest mods that alter the base game, which may or may not be applicable to those on PS4 due to Sony’s mod policy, comes a mechromancer mod that lets folks build and ride mechs.

The amount of pieces present and usable in the mod can be found in the base game and throughout Fallout 4’s DLCs, however future updates could potentially bring new assets.

Speaking of customization, the modder has on the mechromancer mod page that you can’t create a ride-able mount from scratch but from an existing one around the wasteland:

“You can customize RidableBot with robot workbench.
Select from the menu displayed at the end of customization. A RidableBot is created with a skeleton corresponding to it.”

A non-serious video showing the mod in action comes in by theDeluxSam.

As for finding these strange machines you can search around the Commonwealth for various parts or whole machines. Upon finding one you will need to wear a “Control Ring” to get on the robot.

NPC such as Raiders pilot these things, which players, companions, and dogmeat can all mount one. It’s worth noting that when a robot is destroyed it will take up to seven days to re-spawn.

Here is a list of places where these mechs can be located:

  • Near the “Museum of Freedom”
  • Dunwich Borers
  • Corvega Assembly Plant
  • Saugus Ironworks
  • Fort Hagen Satellite Array
  • Atom Cats garage
  • Bunker Hill

You can download this mod right now over on NexusMods.


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