FCC Net Neutrality Vote To Arrive Just Before Thanksgiving, According To Reports
Net Neutrality

There are reports circulating various tech sites based on a Reddit post that was made back in late October from a user claiming that FCC chairman, Ajit Pai, will reportedly circulate a text to announce a vote on “gutting” net neutrality protections on November 22nd, 2017.

This post was then circulated by outlets like TechDirt, who are reporting that they may be attempting to use Thanksgiving as a holiday cover to push the vote through while people (viz., mostly consumers) are too busy with the holiday festivities to pay much mind to the net neutrality vote.

Most broadband customers recognize how badly they’re already getting gypped by broadband providers, with sky-high prices, usually shoddy or unreliable service in some cases, and extremely high premiums even on the most basic of services offered by telecommunication corporations such as AT&T, Time Warner, and Comcast.

A majority of people are obligated to use one of the big three if they want to use cable broadband connections, and so they’re left at the mercy of fluctuating prices (viz., usually with incrementally raised prices over a period of time while services stay the same or in some cases get limited). Many consumers dread the idea of unregulated broadband companies being able to stifle bandwidth to or from certain locations, or throttle certain services and charge more for them – both of which are real possibilities without net neutrality standing in the way.

The post on Reddit may be a few weeks old by this point but it’s still relevant ahead of the supposed November 22nd vote announcement. You can learn more about how you can contact your district representative by visiting the Battle for the Net website to learn how you can actually do something as a consumer hoping to retain the standard quality of net services that are currently available.

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