Feminist Parody Site Closes Up Shop After Liberal Media Begins Defending Sexual Misconduct
Medusa Magazine

The website owner for Age of Shitlords also created a satirical website parodying popular feminist talking points called Medusa Magazine, clearly taking digs at other feminist rags such as Jezebel and Salon. The site was only in operation for a few months before shutting down after the owner realized that the site was no longer capable of parodying Liberal feminists and SJWs since they themselves have become a parody of their own movement.

On November 23rd, 2017 the owner of the site revealed that it was a ruse all along, and that Medusa Magazine was never supposed to be a serious feminist blogging community. It was always aimed at poking fun of Liberals on the Left and the extremists known as Social Justice Warriors.

However, parody turned into reality when they published an article on November 11th, 2017 titled “Why we should believe women who accuse right wingers of rape more than those who accuse liberals”.

The article is an extremely over-the-top satirical piece about why SJWs and male feminists deserve second chances even after raping a woman because of all the good that they do. Their karmic equity should essentially enable them make mistakes after having done so much good for society.

As ridiculous as it sounds, the tone and message of the piece was then mirrored by other Left-leaning, Social Justice Warrior websites such as The Washington Post.

On November 17th, 2017 Kate Harding had an article published on the Washington Post, defending Al Franken of the sexual misconduct he allegedly committed, claiming once again that his karmic equity enabled him to make mistakes and be forgiven.

It’s as if Leftists can cash in some of that good karma in exchange for some sexual assault, rape, or pedophilia every once in a while.

Matthew Dowd, a political analyst for ABC News was also called out on November 22nd, 2017 for defending Liberals as well. Dowd used the excuse that everybody is flawed and that at least Liberals are doing what they do for the greater good.

After being called out, Dowd followed up his tweet with a defense, using the “both sides” argument.

Regardless of where the conversation was trying to go, it became obvious to the creator of Medusa Magazine that there was no way to out-parody the reality of feminism and SJWs.

The post about the closure ends in a gloriously backhanded smack to feminist blogs, Social Justice Warrior outlets, and militant Leftist journalists, stating…

“And that is why we are shutting down this website. Because there is no point in operating a caricature website of Feminism anymore when real life Feminists are now more insane than any caricature we could ever dream up. If you enjoyed our content and are sad to see us go, then just go follow any legitimate Feminist blog or any of the many obnoxious Feminists on Twitter. Their content is the same as ours.”

They aren’t wrong.

Sites like Huffington Post weren’t afraid to impose on readers with information that could be viewed as a defense of Democrat John Conyers, following his temporary resignation from the House Committee as an investigation takes place regarding his alleged sexual misconduct.

The Huffington Post published an article on November 27th, 2017 containing a statement signed by a dozen female staff members who came out in defense of John Conyers after allegations of sexual misconduct went viral following a Buzzfeed piece. The statement reads…

“While we do not pass judgment on the specific allegations reported in the press or the women who brought them, our experiences with Mr. Conyers were quite different than the image of him being portrayed in the media. Mr. Conyers was a gentleman and never behaved in a sexually inappropriate manner in our presence. He was respectful, valued our opinions, challenged our thinking, and treated us as professionals.”

Over the last few weeks, many have pointed out how there are clear signs of tribalism in the media regarding the defense and attack of certain political officials in light of allegations involving sexual misconduct. What’s most surprising, however, is that feminists and SJWs aren’t quite as quick to condemn their own despite preaching profusely about male privilege, rape culture, and sexual harassment.


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