Former NeoGaf Mod Amir0x Pleads Guilty To Child Pornography

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Former NeoGaf moderator and anti-#GamerGate critic, Christopher John Goldberg, has pled guilty to a single count of child pornography. Readers of One Angry Gamer tipped us off to the updated docket and court summaries, which reveal the current status of Goldberg’s impending sentencing, as well as the fact that he has put in a guilty plea to one of the many charges of accessing child pornography.

The court summary is available over on the Monroe County Court website for the state of Pennsylvania, where the current status of the case is documented, along with the revelation that sentencing is set to get underway on January 11th, 2018.

According to a post on Voat from back on July 19th, 2017 indicating that Goldberg took the plea to lesser charges so he would spend time in a state prison, and would be a registered sex offender for the next 25 years.

Goldberg was originally outed back in April of 2017 and arrested for his engagement with child pornography back on June 28th, 2017, as reported by Fox News.

The news became significant when it was discovered that Goldberg was a former moderator for the ultra-authoritarian, Leftist, Social Justice Warrior forum known as NeoGaf.

On NeoGaf, Goldberg went by the handle of “Amir0x”.

It was also discovered that Christopher John Goldberg and NeoGaf owner Tyler Malka were good friends, so much so that Malka sent Goldberg $1,000.


When the news first broke, Malka attempted to bury the story and distance himself from Amir0x, writing in a post

“Amir0x hasn’t been a moderator here for the better part of a decade and has not had any association with the site other than as a regular member here since then. Most of the current moderators were not even around yet when Amir0x got kicked out, and this was a very long time ago and his real name was not on file.”

Malka quickly had the thread closed and prevented people from discussing the fact that one of their more prominent moderators was arrested and has now plead guilty for owning child pornography.

However, it was later discovered that Malka attempting to bury the story was due to his own past secrets, which later came to light during the #MeToo hashtag frenzy where former alleged victims used the social media platform(s) to out their harassers and abusers; Tyler Malka was one of them.

Back in October of 2017, when the Harvey Weinstein coverage was blowing up, Malka was outed by a woman who claimed that Malka had committed an act of sexual misconduct. In result, the NeoGaf forums briefly imploded and closed down as nearly all of the moderators and administrators left the site. Malka denied the allegations but the damage was already done.

Both Tyler Malka and Christopher John “Amir0x” Goldberg were both staunchly anti-#GamerGate, and positioned themselves as male feminist allies. #GamerGate was oftentimes a target of Social Justice Warrior forums and media outlets since #GamerGate supporters were advocating for better ethics in media journalism and for the removal of corruption from the industry.

Goldberg was also known for attacking people and falsely accusing them of being pedophiles.

Of course, six months after attacking #GamerGate supporters and accusing them of being pedophiles, Goldberg was then arrested for possessing 53 pornographic images of small children and teenagers aged between 4 and 14 years of age.

Sentencing is expected to take place on January 11th, 2018.

[Update: The Monroe County DA Office is reporting that inmates are not taking kindly to Goldberg while he’s in jail waiting for sentencing. Back on October 15th, 2017 it’s being reported that one inmate proceeded to urinate on Goldberg’s mattress, followed by putting the remains of his urine in a container and throwing it on Goldberg and the corrections officer.]

(Thanks for the news tip Lyle)

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