Gal Gun 2 Trailer Promises More Pantsu, More Fan-Service And More Gals
Gal Gun 2

Inti Creates and PQube released a new trailer for Gal*Gun 2. It’s the first gameplay trailer for the sequel to the 2015 outing, Gal*Gun: Double Peace. The lovemaking rail-shooter features more girls, more love, and more fan-service than ever before. Don’t be shocked if you’ll be reading the news about Australia and Germany banning the sale of the game for home consoles in their region sometime soon.

As for the trailer, it’s only 46 seconds long and quickly zips through some of the jubilation-inducing moments that spawn from shooting girls with a weapon of a voluptuary nature that was given to the main character from cupid.

The trailer briefly introduces some of the new characters in the game, along with showcasing a few returning fan-favorites.

The object of the title is to pleasure as many girls as possible within each level. As showcased, you’ll also be able to remove their clothing, leaving the school girls in nothing but their bras and panties. I’m sure this will trigger some of the pederast in the video game journalism ring… or at least, those who haven’t been arrested for child porn.

In the original game the main character was blessed/cursed by a goddes of love where a bunch of girls desired him, but he only had a day to find true love, otherwise he would be forever alone. He would use the pheromone gun to subdue the horny girls chasing him down as he attempted to find his true love.

In the sequel he not only has to subdue the girls but also use the pheromone gun to extract and capture demons as well.

Previous reports indicated that the game’s release on PS4 and Nintendo Switch will be uncensored. But it’s tough to tell how true that will be. Some companies claim to want to leave their games uncensored when going from the East to the West, but then like in NISA’s case they heavily censored Criminal Girls 2 in hopes of landing a release in Germany and Australia, but even the censorship didn’t help and the game was still banned in those regions.

Anyway, Gal*Gun 2 is due for release this upcoming spring in 2018.


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