#GamerGate: Honey Badger Brigade Preps For Trial Against Mary Sue, Calgary Expo
Honey Badger Brigade

The Honey Badger Brigade vowed to sue The Mary Sue and Calgary Expo for defamation following the fallout from being expelled from the Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo back in 2015. The Honey Badger Brigade have kept to their word and now after a lot of legal legwork and paper pushing, the group will have their day in court between November 28th and November 30th.

There was a recent post on KIA updating the community about the trial and how they’re still accruing funds to help pay to get all of the witnesses to the stand in Calgary.

The purpose of the witnesses is so that they can testify to what actually occurred back in 2015 when the Calgary Expo kicked the Honey Badger Brigade out of the expo on the grounds of being associated with #GamerGate and being a harassment campaign.

The website hosting the funding drive sums up the events rather concisely…

“In April of 2015, we opened a booth at the Calgary Comic & Entertainment expo with a conglomeration of Honey Badger Brigade merchandise, editions and Merchandise from ALison’s Xenospora comic, and an anti-censorship banner with a gamergate logo as a tribute to gamergate supporters who had helped fund our way to the Expo. The Expo expelled the group on the first full day of the event and publicly defamed Alison with false accusations used to rationalize the expulsion. Included in the public defamation was an article published in The Mary Sue and publicly referenced by the Calgary Expo’s official twitter account to explain the expulsion to attendees and fans who questioned the decision, and those accusations were picked up and repeated by several media sources following the incident. “

Back in January of 2017 the Honey Badger Brigade announced that they had gone through the process of filing the paperwork and lawyering up in order to sue The Mary Sue and the Calgary Expo. Their trial date was set for November, 2017.

The Mary Sue has been awfully quiet about the whole ordeal given that they’ll have to provide actual facts to back up their claims that the Honey Badger Brigade (and by proxy, #GamerGate) were actually at the Calgary Expo to harass people. They’ll also have to provide evidence that the Honey Badgers are actually harassers. It’s an uphill climb given that there’s plenty of evidence showing that many people are anti-SJW and pro-ethics, but there still hasn’t been any verifiable evidence that #GamerGate was a harassment campaign.

Throughout the year the Honey Badger Brigade have been attempting to amass funds in order to cover the traveling costs for all of the witnesses they they need to fly to the court in order to testify on their behalf. They’re literally hoping to be able to win the case using facts and evidence instead of feels and finger-pointing.

If you want to contribute to the cause, you can do so by visiting the Feed The Badger website. In another two weeks the case will have its day in court and we’ll find out if the judge will favor facts over feels.


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