Girls And Dungeons, Dungeon Crawling RPG With Sexy Lewd Scenes Lands On Nutaku
Girls and Dungeons Launch

Nutaku has been on a roll, capturing and releasing lewd games onto the interwebs like a gutsy Pokemon trainer who specializes in grabbing… Pokemon. Anyway, the latest game to land on Nutaku’s adult gaming service is Top Hat Studios and Nebelsoft’s Girls and Dungeons.

The adult game is only $3.00 and it features more than eight hours of dungeon crawling with a bunch of busty, beautiful mercenaries out on an adventure where they’ll encounter dangers, challenges, obstacles and tentacles.

The story centers around a young mercenary who takes on the task of exploring a long forgotten dungeon. She teams up with a few other maidens in order to take down the demon of intoxication known as Yashumugi.

You’ll have to deal with consuming lots of booze, battling enemies, and helping get the girls out of some ludicrously lewd scenarios.

Or maybe you want to put them in some ludicrously lewd scenarios.

Either way, the game not only has the basic fan-service you’ve come to expect from a Nutaku outing, but the game also features five hidden sexy-time scenes as well.

There are multiple story arcs depending on the choices you make in the game, and there’s a robust series of gameplay options including fishing, cooking, side-quests and weapon upgrades. According to Nebelsoft, the combat in Nebelsoft’s title was inspired by Ar Tonelico, so PS2 fans will have something to look forward to.

Nutaku has so far managed to stay out of the spotlight of censors and moral busybodies like the SJWs on the Left and the Right. For now they’ve managed to avoid the long arm of censorship that has pimp-slapped organizations like Valve across the face like box office numbers have pimp-slapped Johnny Depp’s movie career into the gutter.

Now if you’re keen on getting in some game time with this comedic new H-RPG, you can do so right now by checking out the Nutaku store page for Girls and Dungeons.


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