Halo 5 Xbox One Vs Xbox One X 4K Comparison Shows Distinct Clarity Difference
Halo 5 - Xbox vs Xbox X

Comparisons between games running on the vanilla Xbox One and games running on the Xbox One X have begun to surface. One of the comparisons is a 4K versus 1080p breakdown of Halo 5 running on the Xbox One X and Halo 5 running on the Xbox One.

YouTuber ElAnalistaDeBits posted up the four minute video, which you can check out below.

The four minute video starts with a look at Master Chief standing still in a resting position while we see what the foreground and backgrounds look like running in full-on 4K.

There really is an obvious clarity difference between the two.

It’s also interesting because the draw distance is clearly enhanced, and the Xbox One X has a slightly brighter shader system. When you look at the difference between Fred in the clips above you can see that the crushed blacks and use of darker hues was helped to likely mask the Xbox One’s dynamic resolution issues and to reduce the obvious pixelation for images at a distance.

Halo 5 - XBX Draw Distance Comparison

For instance, objects in the distance are less blurry on the Xbox One X, and there’s a slight increase in the game’s shadow map resolution. Also that dithering blur on the Xbox One is removed so that you get higher image quality for objects further from view when playing the Xbox One X version. At least props to 343 for opting for a different kind of view culling rendering solution rather than relying on thick fogs like some past games.

The animations still appear to be about the same, but for taking those long range shots you’ll be able to do so much easier than before thanks to the game’s 4K resolution.

There’s no denying that the 4K update makes the game look a lot sharper, with a focus on just how clean Halo 5’s colors are.

The major problem, however, is that this doesn’t do much for the gameplay. Halo was never a sniper-heavy game, even though it does feature a couple of sniper rifles. I imagine the increased resolution would be a lot more useful in games like Battlefield 1 or even Call of Duty: WW2 where sniping played extremely prominent roles throughout the single-player campaigns.

Even still, one has to question if the slight bump up in resolution is worth the $500 price tag that Microsoft is asking for with the release of the Xbox One X?


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