Harvest Moon: Light Of Hope Available For Download On Steam
Harvest Moon Light of Hope

You can purchase and download Natsume and Tabot Inc’s Harvest Moon: Light of Hope for Steam on PC. The game is currently available for $29.99 but during the first week of being on sale you can grab it for 10% off the normal purchasing price for only $26.99.

Harvest Moon has had an extremely rocky life over the last couple of decades and after some licensing issues and a complete rework of the game’s core design, Natsume and Tabot decided to get back to basics with the all new Harvest Moon: Light of Hope , which revives the classic, casual, relaxed gameplay that gamers grew up with during the 1990s.

This time around, however, the graphics have been swapped from the 16-bit pixels to full-on 3D. Not everyone is a fan of the new 3D assets, but I imagine Tabot and Natsume wanted to go with something easier to work with and something that could be iterated on for future releases without requiring tons of redrawing and redesigning assets.

You can see how the new game looks and runs on PC with the launch trailer below.

The game’s plot centers around the player-character crash landing at a harbor town after encountering a monsoon. After being restored by the Doc, Jeanne, you set about rebuilding the town and bringing back the townsfolk by restoring the farm, fixing the lighthouse, and getting a fresh start by growing your own family.

I don’t know if Natsume went full blown Progressive here or not, so it’s tough to tell if you’ll be pelted with requests to start a same-sex marriage and have a kid by involving the mailman (or mail-woman); but the cover revels in characters who seem to fit the checklist archetypes common from studios out of southwest California.

Anyway, gameplay wise it’s all pretty much standard-fare Harvest Moon. You’ll tend to your garden, raise your livestock, venture to festivals, and attempt to complete quests and build out your homestead.

I imagine the graphics are going to be jarring for some gamers and acceptable to others. Depending on how you view the game will depend on whether or not you find it enticing.

If you want to pick up a digital copy you can do so by visiting the Steam store page.


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