Harvest Moon: Light Of Hope Exploit Grants Extra Money

Harvest Moon: Light of Hope is currently out, and folks looking to gain extra money in the game will find that there is an exploit right in the beginning of the game. Natsume and TABOT’s Harvest Moon: Light of Hope is currently available for PC via Steam.

There’s a lot of talk surrounding Harvest Moon: Light of Hope, both negative and positive. Whatever your stance is on this game there’s no denying that a money exploit that is evident right at the start of the game can be quite useful.

To maximize the amount of money made at the start you’ll have to act during the tutorial. Jeanne will guide you through the tutorial at the beginning where she’ll give you 10 cabbage seeds to plant and water. From here there’s one thing you can do since time stays the same and stamina does not go down, which is ask Jeanne for infinite cabbage seeds.

Upon planting seeds around the farmland filled with weeds and rocks you can’t pull up, simply plant the cabbage seeds on empty spaces. The cabbage filled spaces after the tutorial should produce enough crops to sell and convert to a hefty sum of money.

You can see the above in video form thanks to TGN Super Masgamer. The minute long video guide sits below.

If you aren’t into exploits or if you’re progress in-game is beyond the tutorial there’s another way to gain extra money in a more passive way. While fishing and mining are great ways to make money, you can also take up YouTuber Aurora13‘s method:

  1. Repair your chicken coop, and buy a chicken.
  2. Make sure to repair Cyril’s House to get the fishing rod.
  3. Buy the egg recipe from the restaurant.
  4. Enjoy your daily passive income.

Harvest Moon: Light of Hope is out now and has a special going on that drops its price of $29.99 down by 10% to $26.99 until November 22nd. The game is currently available over on Steam.


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