Hollow, Dead Space-Inspired Sci-Fi Shooter Now Available On Steam

MMEU’s and Forever Entertainment’s sci-fi horror game, Hollow, is a nightmare-fuel shooter that has recently launched on Steam. The game features gory encounters with eldritch aliens, plenty of nudity, and lots of psychological terror to boot.

The game seems to be a mix of SOMA and the upcoming Scorn. In a way, I can’t help but feel as if MMEU’s new title is a spiritual successor to Dead Space. Don’t take my word for it, though, check it out in the trailer below courtesy of Play4Games.

You can’t deny the fact that the visuals and thematic elements look awfully similar to Dead Space. A lone survivor on a space station as a horror-buffet of mutant abominations come after you seems like it sums up Visceral Games’ series quite nicely.

Of course, we won’t be getting any new Dead Space games from Visceral Games because Electronic Arts raped and killed Visceral Games and buried the body out back behind their shed.

The game takes place on the space station the Shakhter-One. It’s a mining ship orbiting Jupiter. As one of the prospective crew members you wake up with amnesia and must explore the seemingly abandoned station, only to find out that you’re not really alone, and whoever hears you scream in space will probably enjoy it.

The game combines frenetic fast-paced first-person shooting with moderately paced exploration and puzzle-solving. It sounds a lot like a new rendition of System Shock. Uptick in user sales is slow right now since the game just launched, as of the writing of this article, but expect more feedback to roll in as more people have a go at the game. One person in the forums, however, began asking for censorship of the game, with RadeonPro Series writing…

“[…] are the puzzles very difficulty, i hate hard puzzles and like more action lol. also is there any loot? also there’s nudity in the game? um can you censor it?”

Hopefully the devs don’t listen to him.

Anyway, if you want to support MMEU or check out the game you can do so by visiting the Hollow Steam store page.

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