Hyper Universe Is Having Another Free Weekend As Player Numbers Continue To Drop

Hyper Universe

Nexon and Cwavesoft’s Hyper Universe got off to a promising start. The game was basically supposed to be the reinvention of the MOBA genre, with side-scrolling beat-’em-up features combined with the tower defense meta game. Much like Overwatch, the game’s cast of characters were diverse and very much what people would consider to be waifu-bait. However, the game was hit with some odd censorship, covering up the female characters and removing the boob physics.

The core gamers begged Nexon to bring back the boob physics and the sexy-time images, or at least add an SJW toggle switch so people who didn’t want to see sexy ladies could turn on the switch and people who did want to see sexy ladies could turn off the switch. Nexon declined to add an SJW toggle switch.

In result, Hyper Universe’s player-count has been steadily declining to abysmal lows, with the playerbase actively boycotting the game and telling other people to boycott it as well.

So what does Nexon do? Well, have a free weekend… again.

Between November 16th and November 21st you can play Hyper Universe for free.

Nexon previously held a free weekend during the middle of October between October 19th and October 23rd.

It appears that Nexon is using the free weekends each month to lure in players. They’ve accompanied this month’s free weekend with the launch of the new Bruce Lee-inspired character, Liu.

The character is also accompanied by the Delta Station Beta, which is a brand new map for the Hypers to explore and battle across.

A new surrender system was added along with a skin preview system.

Despite adding new characters, hosting free weekends, and regularly updating Hyper Universe, the player-count continues to dwindle.

The total players just peaked recently at 63 following the announcement of the free weekend, according to the Steam Charts.

However, the real number sits closer to around 30 through 35 on average. After entering into Early Access back in August, the game maintained around 150 players each day. It peaked at only 529, but for a game with little fanfare and in Early Access, it wasn’t a bad start. However, the news about censorship and attempting to appeal to Social Justice Warriors who found the women and their bust size and cleavage “uncomfortable”, Nexon’s title began losing players the more word spread about the censorship.

From August to September the game saw a 36% dive in the player-count. From September to October the game saw a 51% drop in the count, and from October to November there was a 21% drop.

As it stands, the user review scores are now mixed and the community is well aware of the whole censorship controversy.

If you still want to check out the game you can do so by visiting the Steam store page.