The InPatient, Bravo Team PSVR Titles Delayed Into Early 2018
Bravo Team

Supermassive Games announced recently that their two upcoming PlayStation VR games, The InPatient and Bravo Team have both been delayed into early 2018.

The news comes courtesy of a post over on the official Supermassive Games website, where they revealed that The InPatient is now set to release on January 23rd in North America and on January 24th in Europe. The game is set within the Until Dawn universe, but takes place back in the 1950s at a supposedly scary asylum. If you missed out on the game before, don’t worry you weren’t the only one. A bunch of people probably forgot about it after the teaser aired during Sony’s lackluster E3 press conference back during the summer.

You can check out the trailer below to get a refresher course on the game.

The VR title will see players attempting to escape from the Blackwood Sanatorium. I don’t really know how much gameplay will be present, but if Hidden Agenda was any indication, the game will be heavy on cinematics and light on actual gameplay.

The second game from Supermassive Games due out in early 2018 is the other PSVR title, Bravo Team. The game looked less than impressive during its E3 debut, but hopefully Supermassive took the additional six months to iron out the gameplay when it preps for launch on March 6th in the U.S., and on March 7th in Europe.

The game will give the PlayStation Aim a little bit more mileage following in the footsteps of Farpoint. I can’t believe a bunch of people bought the PlayStation Aim even though Sony seemed to be about as supportive of the accessory as NetFlix was supportive of Kevin Spacey after a bunch of men came forward to say that he tried to bungle their bungholes without permission.

Anyway, if you need refresher course on Bravo Team, you can check out the less-than-impressive trailer below from Jexu Actu.

I’m really curious how well Supermassive Games is doing financially because they don’t seem to make super popular blockbusters but they still seem to keep pumping out games regardless.

Anyway, you can look for the two new VR titles to land on the PlayStation VR starting early next year.


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