Karnage Chronicles Updated With New Weapons, NPCs, And Proper Dungeon Crawl
Karnage Chronicles

One of the few games for virtual reality headsets that actually seems to want to be considered as a real game is Karnage Chronicles. The first-person dungeon crawler lets you choose a class and trek through goblin-infested caves. Nordic Trolls recently sent out word that Karnage Chronicles has been hit with a massive update containing lots of new content.

The first major change is that the first level has been completely reworked so that it feels like a proper dungeon crawling experience rather than a tutorial level. The developers also added two fully voiced NPCs to the game, one being a quest giver and the other is a shop keeper where you can purchase new gear and items.

They’ve added a proper inventory system for when you gather up items, the ability to customize your weapon loadout, all new rings and necklaces you can equip that have magical powers, a town portal system, and even an all new difficulty system. This is on top of a new player-housing feature that was implemented, along with new potions, weapons, enemies, monsters, and quests.

According to Nordic Trolls CEO and co-founder, Thorbjørn Olsen, the content update completely “reshapes” the game and moves it closer to being a traditional first-person RPG as opposed to a VR novelty game with RPG elements.

When I played a preview build of Karnage Chronicles back during the summer, it showed potential but was still rather limited. Also it wasn’t the most user friendly when it came to navigating the options and gameplay versatility. Reworking the game to feel less like a VR tech demo and more like a traditional RPG can only help it.

I think in some ways that’s usually the biggest detractor for VR games – they feel too much like trying to make VR tech demos within a genre as opposed to making a proper genre-based game in VR.

Nordic Trolls is slowly reshaping Karnage Chronicles closer into a traditional first-person dungeon crawler with full VR capabilities, which could help it in the long run. The combat is definitely intuitive enough given that you can physically use your positional tracking to dodge and launch counter attacks, and the fact that the game relies on your actual sword swinging or archery skills helps the combat feel more in-depth than just firing pistols from disembodied hands.

Anyway, Karnage Chronicles is still in Early Access. The developers plan on keeping it there until the middle of 2018. You can learn more by visiting the Steam store page.


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