Kings And Heroes, Exploration Action-RPG Graduates From Early Access
Kings and Heroes

Industry Games’ Kings And Heroes has officially graduated from Early Access and is currently available on Steam for purchase. The game is a legitimate looking, hardcore, high-fantasy role-playing game with some great character designs, decent animations, and a dynamic, real-time combat system.

The Unreal Engine 4-powered title is a paid title, available on the Steam store for $19.99. The developers make it known that you do not need a premium, monthly subscription nor do you need to whore your wallet out to microtransaction Johns. You pay the flat fee and you own the game, no having to give your bank account the knee-and-lip service to Industry Games for a recurring service charge.

Beyond the monetary setup, Kings and Heroes allows you to create your own character from a variety of races, including Orcs, Goblins, Amarians, Dwarves, Haflings, Humans, and Elves.

Once you get done choosing how you look, you can then choose from one of five classes, including a Cleric, Champion, Ranger, Rogue and Wizard.

From there, you’ll have to scavenge, learn skills, adventure and kill, as demonstrated in the game’s action-packed launch trailer. Check it out below.

You’ll join seven other players on dungeon raids, boss fights, and loot runs. The large-scale world will allow you to explore 100 square kilometers of crypts, caves, caverns, fields, mountains, castles, dungeons, valleys, and villages. As you take on different quests and grow stronger, you’ll have to battle your way through more than 20 different larger-than-life bosses, and encounter 20 different factions within the game.

Built-in voice chat, partying, and online multiplayer make it an easy alternative to a lot of other MMOs and online RPGs out there.

Not everyone is in love with the game, though. The reviews are currently mixed because some people have complained that the game lacks proper quest markers, has hard to find NPC locations, and that the graphics and performance still need optimization.

Others are content with what the game has to offer and enjoy the old-school throwback to classic GMUDs like The Realm Online and ARPGs like the original Diablo, but updated with better graphics and improved gameplay for today’s generation of gamer.

Some gamers acknowledge that Kings and Heroes is still rough around the edges, even after graduating from Early Access, but they’re looking forward to some of the updates that will further improve the gameplay and performance. It might be wise to wait for the updates to drop before picking up a digital copy of Industry Games’ new Action-RPG.


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