Koei Tecmo Says They Can’t Elaborate On Blue Reflection Censorship
Blue Reflection Censorship

Koei Tecmo’s customer support has been sending out copy-pasted responses to the growing number of disgruntled fans in the West who found out that the Western port of Blue Reflection was censored.

One of our regular readers posted up a message from Koei Tecmo’s support in relation to the recent patch that censored Blue Reflection by limiting the camera controls of the game’s model viewer so Westerners are unable to peek under the character’s skirts like you can in the Japanese version.

You can view the message below.

If you’re unable to view the message, the relevant part of the response to the support ticket states…

“For the functions added with Ver.1.01 that we distributed on October 27, it is the game specification.


“We regret to inform you that we are unable to elaborate on the reasno for adding this specification.


“However, we sincerely appreciate your honest opinion and please be assured we will inform the relevant departments.”

The functions they’re referring to was the Western update for PS4 and Steam users for Blue Reflection that not only added the model viewer but also restricted how it could be used in the Western version. You can rotate characters left and right and move overhead but you can’t rotate underneath them. Modders found a way around this with some very lewd mods, but that still leaves PS4 gamers out in the cold.

Many gamers suspected that Koei would censor the game because the company is terrified of SJWs. They refused to release Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 in the West due to feminists, and they were reluctant to release the VR patch for Dead or Alive outside of Japan after SJWs in Western media attacked the company for making Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 VR a sexual assault simulator.

Despite keeping fan-service in some games, they’ve taken odd steps to censor certain aspects of their games, usually in inconsistent and minuscule ways.

There’s a thread over on the Steam forums also discussing the response from Koei, and some gamers have opted to escalate the matter further by contacting Koei through their official Facebook page.

Some gamers are hoping for a legitimate answer as to why the model viewer was censored in the West, especially since there are still panty-shots galore in the main game, while others are curious if Koei will continue to censor games in the West even after the games have been rated, like in Blue Reflection‘s case.

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