Legends Of Elmora, Uncensored Magical Girl Visual Novel Launches On Nutaku
Legends of Elmora

Three adult-themed games launching in one week? That must be some sort of record for Nutaku. The adult-oriented digital outlet announced that The Richard Knights’ Legends of Elmora is currently available for purchase from the online store for only $8.00.

The visual novel sees gamers traveling to the mystical fantasy world of Elmora, where players will have to make some key decisions on their quest when it comes to befriending or making enemies of some of the hotties that will be present throughout the adventure. Some of the well-endowed ladies will want to ensnare you with their lusty desires while others will become mesmerized by how well you handle your tools of the trade.

You can check out the not safe for work launch trailer below, which gives you a pretty good indicator of what to expect from this reliquary of raunch.

Three quarters of that trailer was filled with the standard fare ecchi content you would expect from an adult-oriented visual novel, complete with bouncing boobs and scantily clad fairies, sirens and sorceresses. However, the end of the trailer took things a step further than what most people were probably expecting and gives you a very good indicator of just how far some of the gratuity extends in Legends of Elmora.

Story wise there isn’t much there to Legends of Elmora, which leaves me to believe that this magical girl adventure might be light on the story despite looking like it wants to be heavy on the plot.

Legends of Elmora - Nymph

I still think Metropolis seems like the more interesting visual novel of the three new games that launched this past week on Nutaku.

Even still, if Legends of Elmora has you interested in the magical-girl sex romp, you can learn (very little) more or pick up a digital copy from over on the Nutaku store page.


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