LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 Gameplay Walkthrough

Lego Marve super Heroes 2 Walkthrough

TT Games and Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment’s LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 is currently available for Xbox One, PS4, PC and Nintendo Switch. The action-adventure game sports multiplayer cooperative modes, four-player battle arenas, a bustling story with over 200 playable characters, and nearly the entire library of Marvel characters jam packed into one game. For gamers looking for a gameplay walkthrough of LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2, you can find one right here.

The game starts off with a cinematic featuring the Guardians of the Galaxy while the Nova Corps are being overrun by Kang the Conqueror. Star-Lord and the rest fly in to help give the Nova Corps a hand, which is where players come into play. You can check out the full playlist below for LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 courtesy of Shirrako.

During the early goings you can switch between the teammates on your squad by tapping the Triangle button on the DualShock 4, which is the ‘Y’ button on the Xbox controller.

You can collect and build items within the game world using the Circle button on the DualShock 4, or the ‘B’ button on the Xbox controller.

You can also press in the left analog button to receive hints if you get stuck.

You can hold down Square on the DualShock 4, or ‘X’ on the Xbox controller to throw the gravity mine at a specific target. You’ll need to throw the gravity mine at the glowing white Lego piece in the corner of the room and it will unlock the next segment.

You’ll have to make your way to the upper levels of the room that’s on fire. Use Star-Lord to fly up top and use Gamora to bounce off the wall by tapping ‘X’ on the DualShock 4 to get up top. Once up there, press the red button to extract a ladder for Drax. Climb up the ladder with Drax and break the wall so you can press the button and release the drone to put out and extinguish the fire.

Collect the parts, build the giant ball so that it rolls down the ramp and creates a new pathway for the Guardians.

Head around to the next glowing white Lego piece and throw a mine at the white Lego piece.

The objective during the city segment is to free as many civilians as possible. After you free the civilians from the fire, and free the others trapped behind the door, you’ll have to free another set of civilians trapped behind a ball.

In order to free the civilians trapped behind the silver ball, use Rocket to throw a grenade at the Lego blocks. Hold down Square on the DualShock 4 or ‘X’ on the Xbox controller to aim the Grenade at the silver ball and press Circle to throw the grenade (or ‘B’ on the Xbox controller).

Once you finish freeing the civilians, have Rocket go over and repair the satellite station to bring the turret guns out of the ship.

Once the turret is free, jump up on the ship and use the turret gun to take down the alien ship.

After a cinematic you’ll have to fight Eson The Destroyer.

Destroy the debris in front of Eson and then collect the Lego parts and activate the gravity mine.

A ship will be remade and you’ll be able to use the turret to attack his hand. Once his life gets low enough his hand will land on the ground. Have Peter or Gamora stand on the pressure pad on his hand and then have Drax use the spring to jump up onto his shoulder and activate the weak spot within his shoulder.

Switch back to Star-Lord and use his blasters to attack his open chest area.

Activate the gravity mine in the middle of his chest when you’re given the cue to destroy him.

In order to access the call from Nick Fury you’ll need to collect some parts for Iron Man in the mansion. You’ll need four gears, three springs, and three cylinders.

You’ll find two of the parts upstairs in the room where Tony is located, another piece in the room just north of Tony, and the third piece for the cylinder in the trophy room.

There are two gears in Gwenpool’s room. You can also access the cheat menu from Gwenpool’s computer.

The last spring is located in the lounge. The last gear is also in the lounge but you’ll need to use Wasp to fly up to the upper floor to grab the gear.

Switch to Iron Man and press the on-screen button prompts to open the door down in the secret lair.

Your next mission involves Captain America, Thor and She-Hulk.

Use Captain America on the designated area and press Circle after switching to She-Hulk to throw her up top. Have Thor and She-Hulk press the buttons so the Captain can create a fan and blow himself to the top.

Head to the top of the flaming station and use the ‘X’ button to put out the flames.

Switch to Thor once you clear out the flames and have him aim his lightning at the socket and charge it up so that the door below can be opened.

Make your way across to the next platform and have Thor charge up the socket so that the door can be opened and Captain America can go inside, collect the parts, build the item that will disable the turret gun and then use the parts to build a wench so you can open the door.

So your objective is to collect the parts, rebuild the switches and then go stand on the main switch in the middle of the room and have Captain throw the shield at the two switches on both sides of the room.

Use Thor and She-Hulk to fight The Presence after the Captain gets infected.

Wait for The Presence’s shield to go down and then attack him until his life runs out. A cinematic will play and then it’ll switch over to Captain Marvel and Iron Man.

Lego Marvel Super Heroes 2 - Iron Man and Captain Marvel

Make your way toward the underwater base and use Iron Man to disable the panel to open the door to get inside the base. Use Captain Marvel to disable one of the generators and then head outside and travel through the tubes to head to the next area of the base.

When you get to the top of the base after traveling through the blue tube, use Tony to repair the wench and then rotate it to unlock a set of pieces and then build a switch to open the door to get back inside the base.

Use Captain Marvel to get past the laser grid and rig the generator.

You’ll encounter Attuma again. Use Iron Man to attack him.

Head up to the next platform and then disable the generator to finish off the mission.

In the next level clear out the bad guys and then use Spider-Man to tether together some web.

Hold down Square and tether the web to the two glowing red points on either side of the bridge.

Tightrope your way across the bridge and fight the Shocker until Mysterio appears.

Use the truck and tether the web to the two red points on the truck, just like the tightrope. Pull the truck side panel open and use the parts to build a platform on the street. Have Ms. Marvel stand in the center and press Circle to shake Shocker off the platform and then beat him like Floyd beats his girlfriends.

The Vulture will swoop down and bring Spider-Man up to another area where Kraven is located.

There’s a a barbecue grill in the background behind the bushes. Clear out the bushes to get the parts free and then build up the barbecue roast with the spare parts. This will cause the lion to stop chasing you.

Defeat Kraven and then proceed to the left of the screen to fight encounter Vulture once more.

Vulture will bring Spider-Man back down to the bridge where Doc Ock is located.

Doctor Octopus will use basic attacks and his tentacle arms against you. Just keep pelting him until his life runs out.

After a short cinematic and the highlight of the new characters you’ll have at your disposal for free play, the next mission will see you playing as Spider-Man again as he hunts down the Vulture.

The objective is to web-sling through the city by double-tapping your jump button. When you get close enough to Vulture he will leave behind some rings in the air. Web-sling through the portal to catch up to Vulture and attack him when prompted.

Rinse and repeat until Green Goblin 2099 appears and then web-sling through the city and do the same thing with him as well.

Once you finish off the segment with Green Goblin 2099, the next mission will be to follow the medieval knights through the portal. You’ll be able to choose the team to take with you through the portal, selecting from either Team Captain America or Team Spider-Man.

The full game clocks in at anywhere between seven to nine hours worth of gameplay, so depending on your play-style could determine how long it’ll take you to complete the game.

There’s also a complete single-video playthrough as well, which you can check out below from Gamer’s Little Playground, clocking in at close to 10 hours and covering the game from start to finish if you were interested.

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