Marvel Comics Editor Allegedly Colludes With SJWs To Take Down Diversity And Comics Patreon
Marvel SJW

Marvel Comics have been criticized heavily for SJWism. The sales have declined greatly since the new direction was put into place. Marvel claimed they would be moving away from SJWism during the fall run, but the company is still intent on force-feeding fans stories that many feel are poorly crafted. They did, however, attempt to bring back some of the classic heroes, but it hasn’t been handled all that well. One of the most outspoken critics of Marvel’s comics is a YouTube channel known as Diversity & Comics. He has a moderate audience of 47,000 subscribers, yet Marvel treats him as public enemy number one.

We reported on a secret group of DC and Marvel writers who attempted to setup Diversity & Comics at the New York Comic-Con in order to get him kicked out. The plan was foiled when the conversations were leaked to the comic.

That hasn’t stopped some Marvel editors from attempting to find ways to shut down Diversity & Comics. In fact, according to images on display in a 20 minute video posted up by the YouTuber, Facebook comments were captured of Marvel Comics editor Heather Antos colluding with a few other Social Justice Warriors in an attempt to get Diversity & Comics Patreon account shut down.

These tactics were similar to the ones employed by Zoe Quinn and those within the Crash Override Network, where the chat logs revealed the group to have engaged in targeted harassment and attempted doxing of #GamerGate supporters.

You can view the relevant images of the conversation below.

The gist of the conversation is that Susan Auger, Jacob Way, and Heather Antos (who apparently changed her last name on Facebook) were discussing ways to take down Diversity & Comics’ Patreon. They claim that they attempted many times to get Patreon to take down the account for harassment, but have been unsuccessful so far.

As to why she has a different name on Facebook than Twitter, in a tweet back on November 15th, 2017 Heather explained that some of her friends were changing their last names on Facebook in order to feel “safe”.

Following some of Diversity & Comics’ criticisms of Heather and her peers’ work, she promptly blocked him on Twitter.

I did reach out to Heather Antos about the images and whether or not it’s true that she did engage in attempting to get the Patreon account removed for Diversity & Comics. If she responds the article will be updated to reflect the response.


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