Marvel Comics Replaces SJW Editor-In-Chief With C.B. Cebulski
CB Cebulski

Former editor-in-chief at Marvel Comics, Axel Alonso is out. Marvel Comics is replacing Alonso with the VP of brand management, C.B. Cebulski. Cebulski has been with the company since 2002 and slowly moved up the ranks over the years. He’s now been awarded the head-honcho position of editor-in-chief.

According to the New York Times, Cebulski’s comments about being awarded the position was to actually celebrate everyone who makes comics what they are, telling the outlet…

“It’s crazy. It’s an honor. I’m blown away by the opportunity,” […] “We always hear about the writers and artists, but people forget the inkers and the colorists and the letters. Each of them is an artist in their own right.”

Fans are rejoicing because it’s beginning to look like Marvel may be finally holding true to their word of moving away from SJWism, something that they promised they would do earlier this year.

Since Axel Alonso has been editor-in-chief at Marvel Comics he has steadily capitulated to the perpetually offended and tilted the axis of sociopolitical storytelling toward the extreme Left, also known as the Regressive Left, or more commonly known to normies as Social Justice Warriors.

Alonso could be considered as a moderate who allowed the pressures of SJWs dictate his position at Marvel, and in turn dictate the direction of the comic books. While he struggled with the concepts that actually made comics appealing, he wasn’t above subverting them for post modernist subtext, context, and presentation.

For instance, feminist journalist Radhika Sanghani from the Telegraph baited Alonso in an interview about adding more female heroes to Marvel’s comics as well as egging Alonso toward the position of adhering to the de-sexualization of female super heroes, something that Alonso tip-toed across as if on a tightrope above an endless pit, saying…

“Slowly we have made progress on that front,” […] “We believe there’s an audience of women out there who are hungry for this and we want to make sure they get it. This is affirmative action. This is capitalism.”


[…] “I don’t want to run away from sexy characters but I think there’s a difference between characters being sexy and gratuitous,” […] “It comes down to context. I won’t say we won’t do sexy female characters. That’s preposterous and ridiculous. For one thing it’s in the eye of the beholder.”


“I want to make sure I have books like Ms Marvel and Black Widow that I’m proud about and could give to my daughter. But at the same time I don’t want to be the PC police and say you can’t be naughty; you can’t be fun.”

He’s right that Captain Marvel is anything but a Playboy model. In fact, many people have begun referring to her as Carl Manveers because of how she now seems to resemble an androgynous man.

His remark about capitalism is way off the mark, though. The Telegraph cites that 46.6% of comic book readers are female, but the sales aren’t reflecting that much at all, with Marvel seeing some record lows in sales since taking on the SJW initiative, with some comics seeing 81% year-over-year declines. In fact, even Marvel Comics’ own executives had to acknowledge that sales have tanked while pursuing the SJW agenda.

As pointed out by YouTuber I Love Comics, Alonso even defended the bad press and the poor reactions nascent comic book readers have had going from the Marvel movies – which got them interested in the comics – only to find out that the comic books are a far cry from the movies.

Alonso told Variety

“We don’t march in lockstep with the studios, but whenever a movie comes out it has a halo effect on us,” […] “Interest in that character will spike for two to three months, and we always try to take advantage of that and have something available for readers that approximates the flavor.”

The problem was that by the time potentially new comic fans reached the comic books, many of the classic heroes had been replaced with diversity hires: Iron Man is a young black chick; Steve Rogers turned into a practical Nazi; Thor has been replaced with a woman; Hulk turned into an Asian dude; and the Avengers had been replaced with token check-box diversity stand-ins.

Sales continued to plummet. Comic book retailers were enraged.

All of this rearranging of the Marvel comic book universe and the decline in quality started after Alonso took the mantle up of editor-in-chief back in 2011. As many of you know, it was in 2012 that really saw the rise of SJWs and the decline of media.

Time’s article from June 1st, 2017 attempted to paint a picture of the Marvel Comics sector booming under Alonso’s leadership of diversity. However, their citation is a link to Comichron’s website and not the actual breakdown of the numbers or a comparison to DC Comics, who have been shipping and moving big numbers for certain comics in and out each month.

However, if you actually check the article that Time doesn’t link to, Comichron notes that sales were actually down and that it was graphic novels and not the traditional comic books that have been selling, where the 2016 report states…

“Graphic novels in the book channel were the only area of growth in 2016, as sales in comic stores, through download-to-own digital channels, and in newsstands remained flat. Sales of graphic novels through the book channel grew 16% to $405 million in 2016, after growing 23% in 2015 and 16% in 2014.”

This was followed by a graph showing that comic books have actually stayed nearly flat from 2015 to 2016.

Time conflates the entire market of comic books and graphic novels with Marvel’s performance in order to give the impression that Marvel is seeing growth. In reality if you look at individual comic book sales or break down the numbers per issue per month, you’ll see that many of Marvel’s so-called flagship series in the “diverse” category have performed poorly.

I imagine the higher-ups finally stepped in to correct course and right the boat. Given how well Marvel is doing at the box office one would expect to see their comics topping the charts and moving record numbers, not getting cancelled after two issues and under-performing against many of DC’s top brands.

With C.B. Cebulski at the helm we’ll see if Marvel is serious about getting their comic book sector back on track, and hopefully he’ll also curb the bad behavior of staff attempting to dox and harass their critics.


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