Matt Hickey, Former Gizmodo Journalist Pleads Guilty To Reduced Rape Charges

Matt Hickey GamerGate

Former Gizmodo, Forbes, and The Stranger journalist, Michael-Jon “Matt” Hickey, pleaded guilty to reduced charges on November 21st, 2017 for indecent liberties, two counts of second-degree assault, and fourth-degree assault with sexual motivation.

The news comes courtesy of the Seattle PI, who is reporting that Hickey will be sentenced at a later date with a proposed recommendation of up to 30 months in prison.

This comes after nearly a year of investigations, court appearances, and charges.

Matt Hickey was originally outed back in June of 2016 when multiple women reported having similar experiences with Hickey, who posed as a fake porn recruitment agent and then used the opportunity to get women drunk and have sex with them.

Some of the cases escalated to include some women coming in to take photos with Hickey, being served alcohol, passing out, and then waking out undressed with condoms nearby.

A total of nine women reported their cases to authorities, but some of them fell outside the statutes of limitation, and therefore Hickey was only charged with three of the alleged sexual assaults.

Hickey was actually charged last year in October of 2016, but it took a whole year to finally get things rolling. Hickey was also fined $332,000 by the state’s Attorney General for fraudulent business practices, given that the porn agency was fake and that he used fake female profiles on Facebook to recruit the women.

Matt Hickey was just one of many other anti-#GamerGate journalists who have been outed or arrested for sexual misconduct committed against a woman. A number of other high-profile journalists who were both male feminists and anti-#GamerGate critics have also lost their jobs, as more and more of them are found out to be sex pests, including several journalists from Vice, the editor-in-chief at, and Alamo Drafthouse’s Devin Faraci, to name but a few.

(Main image courtesy of The Stranger)

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