Michael Pachter Claims #GamerGate Was Abhorrent, Sexist

Michael Pachter GamerGate

During Episode 82 of the Pachter Factor on SIFTD Games‘ YouTube channel, the Wedbush Morgan Securities analyst, Michael Pachter, was asked about how to weed out racist and sexist gamers from the gaming community. This question was asked by a Turbo Liberal who felt as if the community needed to be purged of people who said or did or believed things that they disagreed with. Pachter responded by saying that educating the ignorant was important, as well as ignoring the bigots. However, Pachter took particular aim at #GamerGate.

At the 14 minute and 34 second mark of the video, Michael Pachter, a renown industry analyst, directly addresses #GamerGate, as indicated in the video below.

During the response to the reader, Pachter states…

“I was absolutely abhorred by the whole GamerGate thing. Like I just don’t even get where that came from; I don’t get how it fed on itself. And it did expose our industry for being populated with – not the industry workers, but the fans – being populated with a lot of sexist assholes… and they were.


“But, again, if you’re sexist and nobody knows about it and you never say anything to anybody… that’s like believing in BitCoin. That’s your choice. You can be whatever you want to be, I just don’t need to know about it.”

Pachter rounds out the answer to the question by saying that he agrees with the self-identified Liberal that the behavior is “repulsive”.

However, Pachter is perpetuating misinformation.

#GamerGate was never about sexism in gaming.

NBC recently ran a piece where they forged tweets with the GamerGate hashtag in order to make it look like the consumer revolt was about sending sexist death and rape threats to individuals. In reality, the tweets were from one individual, an anonymous person going by the handle of “Kevin Dobson”, and the tweets had nothing to do with #GamerGate.

NBC had deliberated fabricated fake news, and unfortunately some people believed it.

Additionally, as is oftentimes reiterated, the FBI did a full nine month investigation into #GamerGate that was closed in September, 2015. The reason the investigation was closed was because there was no evidence indicating that the hashtag was an organized harassment campaign, and there was not enough actionable evidence to pursue charges, since the only thing they could find were two misguided teens and a few other trolls attempting to get a rise out of both pro-#GamerGate and anti-#GamerGate individuals.

What’s more is that the peer reviewed WAM!, report could not find sufficient enough evidence or data to show that #GamerGate was a harassment campaign.

If you have to twist facts, fabricate evidence, and purposefully lie about a hashtag, then that says more about the people engaging in that kind of canard than the hashtag itself. In fact, all of the actual evidence says the complete opposite of the media’s narrative.

The FTC worked with #GamerGate to investigate corrupt outlets like Gawker. Multiple gaming websites updated their ethics policies to reflect the requests made by the #GamerGate supporters to aim toward being more ethical and transparent in their reporting.

There were even people from all over the world, different creeds, colors, and political affiliations who supported #GamerGate’s efforts to clean up the corruption in the media.

Michael Pachter, unfortunately, is repeating misinformation peddled from news media outlets that broadly painted a purposefully inaccurate and misrepresented depiction of #GamerGate.

In fact, one producer openly admitted they had no plans on providing balanced reporting on #GamerGate, and even a CBC Ombudsman later conceded that the broadcasting corporation failed its ethical duties in reporting on #GamerGate accurately.

There’s plenty of evidence out there indicating that #GamerGate fought for better ethics in journalism and continues to fight against unethical journalistic behavior.

So far, there is still no evidence indicating that #GamerGate was ever a harassment campaign. The question is, will Michael Pachter be able to present evidence that #GamerGate was ever a “sexist” campaign against women when the FBI couldn’t find that evidence and the mainstream news media had to fabricate it in order to sate the narrative?

(Thanks for the news tip Migi)