Mirror: Uncensored Patch Download Available For Visual Novel Puzzler
Mirror 18+ Uncensored Patch

With Valve cracking down on nude mods and uncensored patches officially distributed through the Steam forums or through the Steam client update page, gamers have had to get creative with finding and keeping track of uncensored patches and nude mods for certain games. Thankfully, the community has been vigilant in keeping gamers abreast of when 18+ uncensored patches have become available to download for games like Mirror from SakuraGame.

You can download the uncensored patch for the visual novel puzzle game, Mirror, from the Mega.nz download page.

You can also try the alternate download link from Baidu.com.

Mirror - Dark Elf Bondage

The uncensored patch was made and distributed across Chinese file sharing channels, but since most Steam volunteer mods can’t read Mandarin, they weren’t able to catch wind of which forum threads were discussing the spread of the uncensored mods. However, some Polish and Chinese gamers began working together and communicating on how to get the uncensored patch off the Chinese file-sharing services and enable English speakers and Westerners to make use of the patch for the game.

So in order to install the patch, basically once you get done downloading it, unzip the contents into the following folder:

Once the contents of the file are extracted into the directory, you’ll have an uncensored version of Mirror at your disposal, which features the bodaciously buxom and curvaceous courtesans in all their censor-free glory.

Mirror - Rope Play

The game is a mixture of match-3 gameplay with visual novel elements thrown in to progress the story. As you progress through Mirror you’ll unlock new CG images of the characters in various states of undress.

The game is currently in Early Access for $1.99, but if you would rather wait for the full version you can look to get your hands on it starting January, 2018. For more info feel free to check out the Steam store page.


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