Moss Demo Available For Download For PSVR Gamers
Moss PSVR Demo

If you purchased Gran Turismo Sport or Skyrim VR‘s newest PSVR bundle packs, you may have noticed that they come with a complimentary demo disc featuring new and upcoming games for the PlayStation VR headset. Well, one of those games on the new demo disc is the cutesy adventure game featuring the intrepid mouse called Moss.

Gamers who shelled out close to $500 just to play somewhat blurry games with sub-par resolutions at 60fps in a virtual world probably aren’t all too thrilled about the demo, but for everyone who already bit the bullet and purchased a VR headset (and kept it) will be able to download the free demo for Moss right now.

The demos on the second PSVR demo disc have also been made available as free downloads on the PlayStation Store. You can find them right now by searching them up or checking the demo section under the store tab once you log into your PS4.

If you need a refresher on what Moss is like, there’s a video below you can check out.

Essentially you use the PlayStation VR headset to look around the environments, and then use the DualShock 4 or PlayStation Move controllers to have the mouse, Quill, perform certain actions.

Polyarc Games decided to try something different when approaching the concept of making a 3D adventure game for the PlayStation 4, so instead of making another ho-hum “cinematic” experience, or a lackluster point-and-click game, they opted for something that seemed a bit more traditionally laden with adventure-game aspects but with the interactivity and involvement of VR.

It’s hard to tell right now how well this game will play or whether or not it will actually be fun, but it does have a charming look to it, and probably reminds some people of the current Early Access adventure game, Ghost of a Tale.

Sony and Polyarc are also hoping to sweeten the deal by throwing in a bonus theme and avatar for people who pre-order Moss, but I don’t know if that’s the sort of bonus that will entice people to commit to a game before its release.

You can grab the demo, for free, from over on the PlayStation Store right now. Moss is due for release in February of 2018 for the PlayStation VR headset on PS4.


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