The Mystery of Steam Skins: Why Have They Disappeared?
Steam Skins

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If you have ever tried to find skins on Steam to alter your client, you have probably concluded that there are none. At least I came to such a conclusion last week when I was bored and thought, “Hey, I have been looking at this same dark-blue screen for more than a decade now. It’s time for a change!” To my incredible surprise, not so many people came to the same conclusion despite the fact that Steam client is nearly 15 years old. So where’s the teenage rebellion, where’s the flashy window bars and sassy TV series heroes looking at you from the screen?

Choose From a Bunch and be Happy

Despite my countless efforts to find Steam skins (the client ones, of course, not the ones you see at CSGO trading websites and similar services), the only service with free offers I managed to find is SteamSkins with a little bit more than a dozen of skins available.

Here’s my personal top five downloadable at

  1. Air

  2. Pressure

  3. Digitally Unmastered

  4. Synergy

  5. Fluttershy

It amazes me how you can change the appearance of certain applications at your phone, not to mention the whole wallpaper/launcher thing, but you can’t significantly alter the most popular gaming client in the world. Moreover, you don’t just download a skin, and it works, you need to make some IT-looking manipulations with it. Okay, I’m just joking, but you still need to copy the folder and so on. Here are the instructions on where to copy the folder with the skin based on your OS:

Windows: C:/Program Files (x86)/steam/skins

Mac OS X: Type the following string in Finder after pressing Cmd + Shift + G: ~/Library/Application Support/Steam/Steam.AppBundle/Steam/Contents/MacOS/skins

Linux: ~/.local/share/Steam/skins/

Make Your Own Skins

Criticizing someone is easier than making something on your own. Believing my Steam client could do better, I found this tutorial with detailed instructions on your own skin making. And of course going the easy way was too boring for me, so I decided to use the recommendations for the advanced developers’ mode instead right away. After seeing this picture, I realized I was not ready for so much HTML in my life and closed the window right away. Suddenly the “too simple and not bright enough” skins have reached the artistic value of Mona Lisa in my eyes.

So, the moral of the story is that there are few Steam skins because making one is hard, and you need to put a substantial amount of time and effort into it. But I hope that soon the trend will become popular, and people with amazing design and coding skills will flood the Internet with beautiful skins. I can wait a lot as long as I get my HyperBeast-themed skin at the end.


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