Neill Blomkamp’s Adam: The Prophet Short Film To Debut At SIGGRAPH Asia
ADAM The Prophet - Survivor

Unity Technologies and Neill Blomkamp have teamed up together again to continue their collaboration utilizing the Unity 3D game engine and Neill Blomkamp’s short film depiction of Adam.

The short was originally created as a tech demo to showcase very high-end, cinematic quality shader effects for the Unity 5 game engine. However, Neill Blomkamp and Oats Studios have recently been outputting some amazing, horror-oriented, sci-fi short films and they’ve been utilizing game engine assets to create the high quality monster models. Quite naturally, Blomkamp and Unity decided to extend that partnership a little further with his upcoming premiere of Adam: The Prophet, which will be running on the latest Unity 2017 build.

A teaser trailer for the upcoming short was published over on the Unity YouTube channel.

I’m loving it so far.

I don’t think it’s as gripping as Blomkamp’s other sci-fi horror flicks he’s recently released on Steam, but it’s definitely intriguing. Blomkamp’s homage to The Thing is still the one short film I would love to see turned into a full length feature film. The other one with Sigourney Weaver was fantastic as well. It was like Independence Day for adults.

Adam: The Prophet is a little more story-oriented than the others, featuring a mystery involving a group of escaped robot prisoners with their human minds trapped in metal alloy bodies.

ADAM The Prophet - Guardians

The teaser trailer reveals a couple of new scenes that help flesh out the world’s lore, giving impressions of something akin to Fallout meets The Matrix.

The SIGGRAPH Asia event gets underway on November 29th where Unity Technologies will showcase some of the new breakthrough technology being utilized within the latest iteration of the 3D game engine, including lifelike computer rendered human actors and all new timeline and workflow properties for game creators, edutainment facilitators, filmmakers, and content creation enthusiasts.

Oats Studio Adam - The Prophet

Chris Harvey, the VFX Supervisor at Oats Studios…

“Unity 2017 is a real-time production powerhouse, it was natural that we’d use it to build the next installment in the ADAM franchise,”

This will be the third entry in the ongoing short film that originally came onto the scene years ago.

Quite naturally a bunch of people in the comment section are begging for more, including a possible game. It almost reminds me of when Epic Games unveiled The Samaritan as a tech demo for the Unreal Engine 3 six years ago. It’s still pretty epic even to this day.

Anyway, if you need to keep track of the debut of Adam: The Prophet, feel free to check out the Unity 3D website for further information.


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