Netflix Suspends Kevin Spacey As More Sexual Misconduct Allegations Surface
Netflix Fires Kevin Spacey

Netflix appears to no longer want to do business with veteran and accomplished actor Kevin Spacey as more allegations of sexual misconduct have surfaced. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Netflix has cancelled a Gore Vidal biopic starring Kevin Spacey that just recently wrapped filming.

Additionally, the report notes that Netflix has conducted additional investigations into the set of House of Cards as they prep for the sixth and final season of the show. Even though the entire sixth season was already written out, Netflix has made it known to production outfit MRC that Kevin Spacey is ousted, hence forcing the writers to go back and refocus the direction of the rest of the season after two episodes have already been filmed featuring the show’s lead character played by Kevin Spacey.

This move comes after Netflix discovered that there have actually been multiple on-set allegations centering around Kevin Spacey’s misconduct around cast and crew members, including unsolicited groping of male genitals, massages and bodily touching without consent.

This comes shortly after two other publicly broadcast allegations of sexual misconduct levied at the award-winning thespian. Originally Star Trek: Discovery actor Anthony Rapp came out about how Kevin Spacey attempted sexual relations with him while he was only 14-years-old. This was followed by yet another allegation by another actor claiming that Kevin Spacey attempted to rape him while he was only 14-years-old, as reported by Decider.

This all comes after the Harvey Weinstein blow-up and the #MeToo hashtag trend, where many corrupt journalists were outed for sexual misconduct, along with other entertainment industry professionals, including male-on-male sexual misconduct, as brought out by Metal Gear Solid’s David Hayter, action star and comedic actor Terry Crews, and recently Anthony Rapp.

The sexual misconduct outings continue to snowball as the torrent of claims escalate the realities of a systematic culture of perversion in Hollywood that once laid dormant under the covers of accusatory harangues on behalf of feminism and equal rights, projected from charlatans and deviants.

The accusations, however, are slowly shifting away from sexual harassment and assault of women and toward the more predatory nature of Hollywood’s long-time rumored pederast culture.


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