Nutaku Launches Platform For Devs To Hire, Recruit For 18+ Games
Nutaku - Kimochi Classifieds

Nutaku has launched the Kimochi Classifieds, a network platform that allows developers, artists, designers, and freelancers to post up ads and resumes in order to find work or hire in talent for adult-themed games.

According to Mark Antoon, the president of Nutaku, mentioned in the press release that the Kimochi Classifieds is designed to help the adult gaming community grow…

“The Kimochi Classifieds platform is our way of solving and bridging a huge gap in the game development market,”


“Over the past few years, we’ve seen the demand for mature gaming explode but have been limited by the availability and funding of developers creating this popular content in North America. Our hope here is to continue our work in bringing more incentives for gaming studios and developers to create mature content, to act as a catalyst for the gaming industry and community, and give our growing audience the gaming experiences they seek.”

As pointed out in the press release, this is Nutaku’s attempt at creating a trifecta of resources for developers to fund, create, and distribute adult games through their services. They previously launched the Kimochi Red Light platform so developers making 18+ games could receive funding for their efforts, and now they’ve opened up the Kimochi Classifieds to help developers making 18+ titles find artists, programmers, and the appropriate talent to bring adult-themed games to life.

If you’re keen on making games or keen on hiring for games, you can browse through profiles of freelancers working in the adult gaming entertainment industry.

The fields range from art and animation to writing and development, and everything else in between including sound and audio along with design and marketing.

You can check out the full listings for the talent profiles or browse through the various categories by visiting the Kimochi Classifieds right now.


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