Open Discussion: November 12th, 2017

The second Open Discussion of November has appeared, bringing with it the usual stuff of posting and reading anything that may seem of interest. The Open Discussion series enables you to participate in a specific topic or to start up your very own by sharing whatever comes to mind.

If sharing your passion about video games is your thing or you like to provide interesting information, the Open Discussion series is a place that accepts both concepts. The purpose behind this series on OAG is to give you the reader the opportunity to post up anything related or unrelated to the subject that is being discussed.

Moreover, much like any post on this very site, any comment will be approved and will not face any form of censorship. If a comment of yours appears to be missing and others can’t see it, whether it was censored by WordPress or Disqus, let us know and we will jump on the situation to sort it out and restore your comment.

The topic at hand for this week’s Open Discussion revolves around Western games Vs. Japanese games. You can use nuance or you can be direct, it doesn’t matter, as long as you provide your thoughts on the difference between the two practices behind said regions.

You can post up different genres made by the two regions or even analyze why one seems to work better than the other.

As noted above and like every other Open Discussion, you don’t have to stay on topic. You can bring up other stuff if you want to, but if you do want to stay on topic and wish to explain your favorite games developed by folks in the West or East and your favorite game by the two, you are encouraged to post whatever it is in the comment section below.

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