Play2Live Tech Demo Goes Live For First E-Sport Blockchain Platform

The first ever e-sports themed gaming platform operated via blockchain technology called Play2Live, has officially released its first major tech demo.

Orhan Zeynalli, blockchain CTO at Play2Live, explained in the press release…

“As promised earlier, we have created the technological demo version of our platform along with the blockchain network. Total of 8000 eSports fans we able to enjoy the show match in high quality, make bets, chat, comment the tournament and earn rewards”


“Our main goal was to collect feedback from real users and test the platform functionality, including betting, which was made possible thanks to the blockchain technology.”

According to CEO and founder of Play2Live, Alexey Burdyko, they plan on opening up the revenue model for the platform as well, enabling them to start monetizing through the blockchain-powered network.

Play2Live will play host to streamers, gamers, and e-sports broadcasts.

During the live technical demonstration they’ll allow digital silver tokens to be made available for betting using Level-Up coins, as well as prize pool money for actual e-sports tournaments taking place that will be broadcast across Play2Live.

In a crowded e-sports market ruled by the likes of the MLG, ESL, and EVO, it’s going to be interesting to see how well this new streaming platform takes shape among the blockchain technology.

A lot of content creators have been pining for a new platform in which to create digital media content, and if Play2Live works out well for streaming, who knows maybe we’ll see it applied to standard video content as well?

For now, there isn’t a whole lot of information available about the Play2Live streaming service, but the tech demo is currently live right now for select participants ahead of a wider release planned for further down the road. For now, they’re working on solving connection issues, speed, and network stability. Once it’s all setup and finalized you can expect it to work as an alternative to other streaming services out there. You can learn more by visiting the official Play2Live website.


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