ResetERA Bans Users Supporting GamerGate; Prohibits Discussion About Colin Moriarty
Denis Dyack - Toshi_TNE

The remnants of NeoGaf’s moderation staff left after allegations of sexual misconduct surfaced against NeoGaf’s owner, Tyler Malka. Malka dismissed the allegations claiming them to be “baseless” and “ridiculous”; but the staff listened to and believed the victim over Malka, thus resulting in an exodus of NeoGaf’s administrators and moderators. They formed a new gaming forum called ResetERA, because it’s supposed to represent a reset of the era for gaming forums. However, the one thing they did not do is reset their sociopolitical views on certain hot-button individuals and topics.

Kotaku in Action noted that ResetERA recently had a thread from a user advocating for the discussion of content made by content creator Colin Moriarty. User Insanexer wrote…

“Really have missed Colin’s input this last year in the gaming industry. Ever since his departure from KF I hoped he would return to writing about games. In his post, he seems reflective of the past, but has received a ton of feedback to continue being a thoughtful/different perspective in the gaming community.


“Since resetera is a new start for everyone, I would like to welcome Colin back. Looking forward to his content and hope he can do another show like PS I Love You!”

Community manager Sweet Nicole made a post 10 pages into the thread stating that all content or discussion relating to Colin Moriarty is permanently banned from ResetERA, writing…

“It is the position of the staff that we are not interested in providing a platform for Colin Moriarty. Please do not create threads about his content.”

And with that the thread was locked.

It didn’t end there, though.

Long time game industry veteran Denis Dyack from Slicon Knights, the makers of Too Human and Eternal Darkness, also attempted to sign up but was stopped at the gates by moderators who attempted to Voight-Kampff test Dyack’s affiliation and association with #GamerGate.

KiA noted that those supporting #GamerGate are being banned on ResetEra, such as MacReady13, who openly stated his support for #GamerGate in a thread and was promptly temp-banned for “espousing #GamerGate rhetoric”.

Denis Dyack was put under a microscope where various members pressured him into either renouncing #GamerGate or openly stating whether or not he supports the movement. In one case Dyack would be forced to distance himself from any discussions about ethics in journalism or corruption within the gaming industry, whether on ResetERA or his public accounts where the information could be gleaned by other ResetERA members. On the other side he would be banned if he openly stated that he supports #GamerGate, since the mod team are purging #GamerGate supporters from the forum.

Dyack attempted to circumvent the direct line of questioning, resulting in an oscillating stalemate of accusations and deflections. The administrator, Methuselah, was having none of it, though, and promptly closed the thread until they could get a straight answer about Dyack’s allegiances to #GamerGate, writing…

“Given that this discussion is likely to continue in circles until Denis_Dyack actually responds, we are locking the thread for now but will insist that he address it if he wishes to continue to use this site as a platform.”

An argument broke out about ResetERA not being NeoGaf, despite the fact that they very clearly have the same policies and censorship standards when it comes to ideological beliefs.

NeoGaf was highly criticized for its fascism from those on the outside looking in. It appears as if ResetERA is maintaining thought-policing of its members and retaining the highly authoritarian nature of how people will be allowed to express themselves and think when using the platform. As noted above, this means the prohibition of discussing certain gaming industry figures, or aligning one-self as a supporter of movements like #GamerGate, that aim to rid the industry of corruption and unethical practices.

(Main image courtesy of Toshi_TNE)


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