Rising Storm 2: Vietnam Bushranger Australian Update Now Live

If you want something close to the ridgy-didge of Vietnam including Vietcong and those from down under, publisher Tripwire Interactive and developer Antimatter Games have just released the Bushranger update to Rising Storm 2: Vietnam for you to explore.

Not quite the true blue, but if you want something similar to visiting the treacherous atmosphere that was the Vietnam conflict, Rising Storm 2: Vietnam aims to put you front and center on the battlefield.

Folks will be able to assume the role of Aussie forces. In most games you rarely get to play as said faction, which is quite refreshing in this case.

Speaking of refreshing content, new weapons that never see use in any game besides the modding scene comes the L1A1 Rifle, L2A1 LMG, F1 SMG, Owens SMG, and more. You can check out the rest of the weapons and content that’s in the Bushranger update:

  • New Faction – Australian Army
  • New Weapon – L1A1 Rifle
  • New Weapon – L2A1 LMG
  • New Weapon – F1 SMG
  • New Weapon – Owens SMG
  • New Weapon – Browning Hi-Power
  • New Weapon – XM177E1 (for the US Army)
  • New Vehicle – Bushranger (Huey Gunship)
  • New Commander Ability – Canberra Bomber

To promote the new update that is now live, which goes by a build number of 1.05, Tripwire Interactive just released a new trailer showing off the Aussie faction, weapons, and content. Of course, it would be ill-fitting if the trailer did not feature the sounds of a didgeridoo, as seen and heard below.

Additionally, more information on this update has been posted on its Steam “recent updates” page. This means that you can look over the update section and everything nestled in Rising Storm 2: Vietnam thanks to the new change-log.

Right now, Rising Storm 2: Vietnam has a 50% off deal going that takes its $24.99 price point down to $12.49. You can gather more info on this game by hitting up rs2vietnam.com.


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