School Girl/Zombie Hunter Available For Purchase On PS4
School Girl Zombie Hunter

PlayStation 4 owners can currently pick up a copy of Aksys Games’ School Girl/Zombie Hunter, a niche action game that didn’t seem like it would make its way to the West, yet it has. The title is available both as a digital download from the PlayStation Store and as a physical purchase from participating retailers.

The game sees players taking on the roles of a handful of school girls who are trapped in a school being overrun with zombies. Hoping to become future matriculates, the students of Kirisaku High School must first survive their final semester after the school gets bombarded by the undead.

Players will take on the roles of five female students who must use their athletic and marksmanship abilities to overcome the odds and eventually escape from the school grounds.

The game is set within the Onechanbara universe, so there’s a lot of familiarity there between both game worlds and the obvious tongue-in-cheek humor. That’s not to mention that there is plenty of panty peeking, and wardrobe deconstruction as the girls battle their way through the zombie-infested halls.

If you need a brief look at how the game operates, you can check it out below.

The game is a campy, cheesy, third-person shooter filled with blood, gore, and young girls in sometimes skimpy clothing. In fact, you can even head to the wardrobe and pick out what you want them to wear (or not wear) as you tear through the school using a variety of weapons to take down the hordes of the undead.

You can play in a number of single-player modes ranging from the story mode to the boss mode, to time attack, and even a sniper’s alley, or you can head online and team up with four other players in a five-player cooperative mode where you and your friends slay some zombies together.

This looks like one of those games that offers you a little bit of fun for a little bit of your time and a moderate stash of your cash. You can pick up a digital or physical copy right now for the PS4 or learn more by visiting the official website. You’ll probably want to thoroughly check out the game reviews from other gamers before committing to a purchase.


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