Seven Deadly Sins Trailer Details Adventure Mode, Duel Mode
Seven Deadly Sins

Bandai Namco recently released a new trailer for the upcoming PlayStation 4 adventure fighting game, Seven Deadly Sins: Knights of Britannia. The three minute trailer covers the game’s modes, characters, and some of the different ways you’ll be able to interact with the world.

We’ve seen a number of other teaser trailers for Seven Deadly Sins, but this is the first trailer that really outlines the game’s plot and gives gamers something to sink their teeth into when it comes to gameplay mechanics and visual aesthetics.

The plot centers around knights representing the seven deadly sins who have made a return to the kingdom in order to stop the Holy Knights. The gameplay is quite similar to Bandai’s other Naruto Shippuden games or their older Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi series. You can see what it’s like in the trailer below.

We see a few of the characters in engaged in some one-on-one fights, where quick combos, target-locking and special attacks are all the standard order of the day. As mentioned, if you’re familiar with the way the Naruto Shippuden titles work then you’ll likely be right at home with Seven Deadly Sins.

The main mode in the game is the Adventure Mode, where players will follow Elizabeth and the kngihts as she attempts to recruit the Seven Deadly Sins to help protect her kingdom from the Holy Knights.

Players will be able to play multiple characters at time during fights, battling others in the story mode while also venturing around the environments to increase your skills and improve your combat prowess.

By the way, the skill tree for this game looks insane…if Baldur’s Gate’s skill tree is basic arithmetic, Seven Deadly Sins‘ skill tree is like an abstract polynomial equation.

Now one thing that I don’t think some gamers will take kindly to is that Bandai has plans on adding a side story post-launch. I’m not sure how complete it is but they were already showcasing the side-story in the trailer featuring Elizabeth and the pig.

Additionally, there’s the Duel Mode, which will allow players to either fight against the CPU in one-on-one or two-vs-two matches. You’ll also be able to take on other players in online battles as well.

You can look for the game to arrive exclusively on the PlayStation 4 starting February 9th, 2018.


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