Shinobi Refle: Senran Kagura Available On Switch With Boob-Fondling HD Rumble Support
Senran Kagura Shinobi Refle

Finally, something that the HD rumble feature on the Joy-Con can be used for that isn’t a silly mini-game or party compilation pack. Marvelous Entertainment decided to ratchet up the lewdness with Shinobi Refle: Senran Kagura on the Nintendo Switch, giving gamers unprecedented amounts of flesh-slapping, boob-bouncing, grope-gaming action that you never thought possible in a Senran Kagura game… until now.

The game only has three mini games, is available for ¥1,000 and is more like a visual novel than a traditional game. Players will spend their time talking with Asuka, feeling up her hands, massaging her body, poking her perky parts, and eventually getting to use special objects to help make her feel “happy”… including a vibrator. No joke.

Honey Parade Games and Tamsoft really went for bringing the groping action to life on the Switch, allowing you to feel the feedback of what it’s like to run your hands along Asuka’s thighs, or poking her physics-ready boobs. You can see what the first half hour of the game is like courtesy of YouTuber ContraNetwork.

Now if you were expecting some sort of in-depth gameplay, maybe some fighting, hack-and-slash action, beat-’em-up mechanics, or any of the traditional Senran Kagura action that you’ve come to love from the series, then you’re expecting too much from what is essentially a $10 fap fest.

Now if your expectations were a lot lower, aimed at basically appreciating an HQ, vibrantly animated model of Asuka from the series, and you enjoy the possibility of trying to give her a happy ending to some fun-time fondling, then your mind is on the right track, ace.

In addition to rubbing Asuka’s palms, massaging different parts of her body, moving objects along her pert derriere, and flicking her protuberant shirt knobs, you’ll also be able to outfit the voluptuous kunoichi in a variety of different clothes. Not only that, but the more you play through the game (for what little gameplay there is) the more you can unlock and the more outfits you can put her in.

As is usual with these types of games, you can also pose Asuka in the outfits you like best and snap some photos and share them with friends and family… well, maybe not family. I mean, I can’t imagine how your mom might react if she found out that you’re committed to a waifu on the Nintendo Switch and not the PS4, PS Vita or 3DS. Most people expect waifus to be acquired from VNs, JRPGs or adventure games, but you’ll have to answer some tough questions about how you managed to get a waifu on a Switch.

Anyway, if you want to pick up a copy of the game:

  1. You’ll have to go to the official Nintendo website and change the region of your profile to Japan, since the game is not sold outside of Asia and will not be getting a Western release.
  2. Get 1,000 eShop points from Play-Asia.
  3. Turn on your Switch, go to the eShop, grab a copy of the game and play it to until your heart is content.

Bam, enjoy your HD rumble boob-fondling.


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