Sonic Forces Gameplay Walkthrough
Sonic Forces Walkthrough

Sega and Sonic Team’s Sonic Forces is now finally out and available for the Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One and PC. For gamers looking for a complete gameplay walkthrough of the new Sonic Forces game you can check it out right here.

YouTuber RabidRetrospectGames has a complete playthrough of the game’s main story mode that you can check out. It clocks in at only two hours and 15 minutes. You can check it out below.

You need at least one ring to not die. Press Square (or ‘X’ on the Xbox controller) to boost after you’ve collected enough rings. You can also jump on enemy heads using the auto-lock on by pressing ‘X’ on the DualShock controller or ‘A’ on the Xbox controller. Press the right trigger on the controller to perform your Wispon attack. Press Triangle on the DualShock or ‘Y’ on the Xbox controller to use the burst ability to blast further into the air. It has a limited charge so use it wisely.

While you are running along the rails, use the left and right bumpers to switch back and forth between the rails while rail riding.

The first stage is Green Hill: Lost Valley.

You play as Sonic and learn how to use the Wispons, and go through the stage, blasting through baddies and follow the stage to the end to trigger the cinematic where Sonic makes his way into the city that’s being attacked by Eggman.

Sonic Forces - Infinite Rapes Sonic

Sonic gets raped pretty bad by the new enemy, Infinite. Eggman has Shadow, Metal and other enemies to defeat Sonic.

With Sonic defeated, Eggman takes over the world within six months.

A ragtag band of resistance fighters join together and recruit one of the survivors from the city to join the fight. That survivor… is YOU!

Sonic Forces - Character Creation

Sonic Forces Create-A-Character

Create the ultimate furry.

Choose from a dog, wolf, rabbit, bear, cat, bird or a hedgehog as the starting species. You can also choose the gender.

Each animal has its own abilities and powers, so choose wisely, based on what you find most attractive and what you find most useful.

  • Dogs can restart from a knockout with a few rings in hand.
  • Wolves can draw items toward you.
  • Rabbits have extended invincibility when they’re hit.
  • Bears can blow enemies away when performing a wire attack.
  • Cats can hold onto some rings after taking damage (very useful during boss fights).
  • Birds have a double jump, no matter what the circumstance.
  • Hedgehogs let you pick up rings after taking damage.

After selecting your species, you can select from three different visual types, their skin color, and their eye shape. There are eight eye shapes with different eye colors.

You can then choose your character’s body color ranging from all the basic shades of the primary colors.

You’ll then be able to choose between three different voices. Use Square on the DualShock or ‘X’ on the Xbox controller to test the voices. You’ll then be able to choose from 10 different victory poses.

After a short cinematic you’ll be transported to the world map. Move over to Stage 2.


Chemical Plant: Spaceport

Head through the stage and follow the tutorial instructions to get through the level.

It’s fairly straightforward and will teach you how to use the furry weapon. Once you reach the end you’ll unlock the new avatar customization screen, which you can access using the left bumper. You can change the upper body, lower body, gloves, boots, and face accessories for your avatar, along with their Wispon ability and weapon. As you play through the game you’ll unlock additional items for customization.

Once you’re done you’ll need to head to the next stage on the world map.

Stage 3: City – Ghost Town

This is a 2D stage where you play as classic pudgy Sonic.

The side-scrolling stage plays out like a typical 16-bit stage, complete with synthesized music.

Simply head right to the end of the stage. You can also use a drop dash by tapping ‘X’ on the PlayStation controller (or ‘A’ on the Xbox controller) during a fall. Proceed through the stage until you reach the end to unlock the daily missions.

You can complete the daily missions in your spare time.

Once you’re done head to the next stage on the world map.

Stage 4: Death Egg – Prison Hall

You’ll play as your custom furry in this particular Sonic Forces stage.

Follow the pathways as laid out before you. It’s a very short stage that clocks in at just two minutes.

Just follow the pathways and use the grinding ability to get through the sharp turns.

When you finish that head to the next stage on the world map.

Sonic Forces - Zavok's Defeat

Stage 5: Death Egg – Vs Zavok

Sonic manages to get out of his changes and face off against Zavok.

Dodge his lasers on the platform while collecting the rings. Kill the robot insects and then wait for him to to enter onto the honeycomb platform and then jump out and auto-target the top part of his head.

Rinse and repeat this process until Zavok is defeated.

Another cinematic will play and then it will be time to move on to the next episode.

Stage 6: Death Egg – Egg Gate

This stage puts you back in the role of Sonic as he escapes from the Death Egg.

You’ll need to zip along the rails while partaking in some harrowing moments where the ceiling attempts to crush you.

Once you get back outside in space there will be three eggbots that will shoot lasers successively one after the other. Use the bumpers to dodge the lasers and then zip through the next segment where you’ll need to get out of harm’s way from the crushing ceiling.

The next segment requires Sonic to hop across some star ships with proper button presses to reach the ending.

Stage 7 Green Hill Arsenal Pyramid

In a Sonic first, Sonic and the furry will head into Green Hill and you’ll have to play both of them at the same time.

You’ll have access to both Sonic and the furry’s abilities. In one fairly neat segment the duo will fuse their boost abilities and the Sonic Forces theme song will kick in as they race up the pyramid into the factory in Green Hill zone.

Once you get to the end you’ll be put back in the role of Sonic, as he heads to the classic Sonic 2 stage.

Stage 8: Mystic Jungle – Luminous Forest

The stage is extremely fast, as Sonic moves through the level rather quickly. Majority of the stage will let you boost through in under two minutes.

At the end of the stage you’ll have to face off against a giant snake using a brief quick-time segment. Just press the button when the green targets are in the circle.

Stage 9: Mystic Jungle Vs Infinite

Sonic memes his way through a conversation with Infinite before having to fight him along a giant snake’s body in the Mystic Jungle.

The trick is to collect the rings and boos to catch Infinite. Jump over or under or around the red blockades and then use the boost to damage Infinite.

Rinse and repeat this process until Infinite is defeated. You’ll be treated to a cinematic where Infinite will edgelord his way through Sonic’s attacks and then leave after saying a really edgy thing.

Stage 10: Green Hill: Green Hill

In the next stage you’ll gain control of classic Sonic once more. This is a stage that plays out a lot like the classic levels from the Sega Genesis.

Just keep heading right until you get to the end.

For some reason the music in the 2D stages sound like theme songs for a retard. But anyway, just get to the end.

Stage 11: Green Hill: Vs Eggman

You’ll have to fight two types of bosses in this segment. The first Eggman boss is in his typical egg capsule. Just bop him on the capsule until he gets into the Egg Dragoon battle suit.

Dodge the cannon and then jump on the black rocks to damage the Egg Dragoon after he shoots them into the foreground.

Rinse and repeat until the Egg Dragon is destroyed.

Stage 12: City – Park Avenue

Knuckles will send the furry rookie back into the city to save the civilians from the Eggman invasion. The theme of the stage is to focus on using the targeting to take out the baddies. They also teach you how to use the boost ring grab by pressing Triangle on the DualShock 4 or the ‘Y’ button on Xbox controllers when you get near a line of rings.

Make your way into the lower part of the city and grab up the rings before heading to the exit.

Stage 13: Mystic Jungle – Casino Forest

You’ll bounce back into the role of classic Sonic where you’ll need to traverse through the level, which is reminiscent of Casino Night Zone from Sonic 2 fused with Mystic Night Zone, also from Sonic 2.

The music is no where near as good as the music from Sonic 2, nor is it as inspired as the soundtrack from Sonic Mania.

Anyway, the stage is a 2D level and you’ll need to use the flippers and springs to travrse through the levels until you reach the end of the level.

Stage 14: Mystic Jungle – Aqua Road

The furry rookie will dive back into action. The beginning of the stage is reminiscent of Sonic Riders. You’ll spend the majority of the stage drifting through the water slide.

The trick is simply to stay within the tube and avoid being bumped out by the robots who are on the slide with you. Collect the coins and avoid spilling out over the side. The design of the level isn’t too dissimilar to the special stages from Sonic 2. Once you reach the end a cinematic will play and your created character will meet classic Sonic for the first time.


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