Split Of Knight Uncensored H-Patch Now Available For Download
Split of Knights

H-Game’s Split of Knight recently made its way to Steam as an old-school RPG with a few naughty bits tossed in between the action. However, given Valve’s reinforced policy of not allowing developers to post up 18+ uncensored patches onto the news feeds or making stickies in the forums, gamers have been asking and begging for information about an H-patch for Split of Knight. Well, your prayers have been answered and the patch is currently available for download.

The H-patch can be acquired via the AdultPatches.zip.

The patch was spotted by the sub-Reddit SteamUncensored, which keeps track of Steam games that have received uncensored patches, whether they be unofficial and fan-made or distributed from the development studios.

Split of Knights H-Patch

The sub-Reddit popped up in lieu of Valve being coerced to crackdown on developers who had been distributing uncensored mods and patches through the Steam store page or through the forums. The NCSE had basically pressured the company through threats of going to Washington state’s lawmakers. Valve, in turn, had to make it known to developers to keep the 18+ patches off of the store page.

Gamers, however, can still inform other gamers about the patches, or discuss the methods in which to acquire the uncensored modifications for the games so long as they don’t directly breach the law or Steam’s terms of service.Split of Knight - Succubus

Valve also began cracking down on the screenshot section of the community pages for each of the games, removing uncensored images, or banning users who post up screenshots from the uncensored version of the games.

So far, gamers have been inconvenienced only enough to have to start up additional channels like the SteamUncensored section in order to get what they want.

Nevertheless, if you’re interested in Split of Knight be sure to check out the game’s Steam store page, where it’s currently available for only $1.99.


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